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Woodville Rural Community Septic to Sewer Conversion Project

The extents of the Woodville Rural Community were established in the Comprehensive Plan in 2003. The Comprehensive Plan guides how the community can be developed and also created an opportunity for central sanitary sewer service in order to address the concerns with septic tanks in the Woodville Karst Plain.

The Woodville Rural Community FDEP Springs Restoration Grant was awarded in July 2016. A new central sanitary sewer system will be constructed to provide service to existing homes within the community. The constructed system will be turned over to the City of Tallahassee for operation and maintenance after construction.

The grant project is currently funding the design and permitting for the new central sanitary sewer system. If City water service is available, a new water service will be provided for each property owner who agrees to connect as part of the project. Future grant requests will pay for the City sewer system charge, the connection between the structure and the sewer main line, and the abandonment of the septic tank for each of the property owners who agree to connect as part of the project. After the grant project is complete, any owner who did not participate will be responsible to arrange for and pay all costs of making the necessary connections and abandoning the septic tank.

To check if your address is eligible for a grant-funded septic-to-sewer project, visit:

A consent form for Access to Property for Sewer Connection Survey can be downloaded here: Woodville Sewer Survey Access Consent Form

Project Schedule:

Neighborhood sign-up meeting

Estimated design and permitting begins

Estimated design completion
May 2020

In the months ahead, more project information will be available. 

Project Contact:
Felton Ard, P.E.
Customer Support Engineer
Leon County Public Works
2280 Miccosukee Rd., Tall., FL 32308
Phone: (850) 606-1515
Fax: (850) 606-1501