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Animal Abuse Registry

Reporting Animal Cruelty
Although Leon County is a pet-friendly community with plenty of responsible pet owners, animal cruelty still exists. Studies have found that there is a correlation between animal abuse and violence against people. To improve the quality of life of our county residents and their pets we need you to report animal abuse.

If you think someone is mistreating animals, speak up. Report concerns of animal neglect or cruelty, such as insufficient food, improper tethering, untreated injuries or abandonment, to Leon County Animal Control at 850-606-5400, AldridgeC@LeonCountyFL.Gov or online through the Citizens Connect App.

Animal Abuse Registry
This registry contains information on persons convicted of certain felony and misdemeanor animal abuse offenses and is intended to increase public awareness of animal crimes. The information in this registry allows entities and individuals involved in the sale or adoption of animals to identify offenders during the vetting process and is intended to be an additional resource to assist in the decision making process.