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Emergency Services

Rabies Suspects/Wildlife – Animal Control may respond to calls involving bats, foxes and racoons, etc... that have come in contact with a person or pet or when a possible rabies carrier is acting aggressive and is threatening people or pets.

Loose Aggressive Animals – Animal Control may respond to animals that are currently running at large and threatening people or pets.

Sick and injured animals – Animal Control may respond to help domestic animals that have a potentially life-threatening injury or illness. (Injured wildlife is referred to St. Francis of Assisi, Wildlife Rehabilitator.)

Bite investigations – Animal Control may respond to pick up wildlife when there has been a possible exposure to Rabies, such as, a domestic animal that has bitten someone and is still running loose threatening others. 

Agency assists – Animal Control may respond to assist law enforcement, the Fire Department or EMS when serving evictions, arresting citizens or providing medical services where an animal is also on scene and requires transportation to a safe place.