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Water Quality Issues

In general, Leon County faces many of the same water quality issues that impact communities across the United States (Click to see EPA's National Summary of Impaired Waters and TMDL Information). 

In Leon County, water quality issues are associated with nonpoint source pollution and changes in the watershed's hydrology. Water quality issues caused by nonpoint source pollution include excess nutrients and bacteria.

Excess nutrients in a waterbody often lead to algal blooms which can then cause fish kills.
Bad Bad Water
Algal bloom in Munson Slough just downstream of Lake Munson Dam.

An increase in bacterial levels, typically coliform type bacteria, can lead to public health concerns and beach closings. Changes in the watershed's hydrology, such as increased impervious surface, channel modification, filling of wetlands, and excessive erosion caused by poor land management, impact water quality by increasing the volume, velocity, and temperature of runoff and altering the habitat of fish and other aquatic life.
To address these issues, Leon County has in place a series of policies, regulations, and standard operating procedures that attempt to reduce the impacts of nonpoint source pollution and minimize adverse changes to a watershed's hydrology. Leon County Staff also monitor the quality of our water resources through field sampling to analyze the chemical makeup of our waters and to assess the biological health of our lakes and streams. This information is used to guide decisions on how to change our existing policies, regulations, and procedures to further protect our water resources. 

Please visit the Water Quality Data page for specific information on Leon County's water resources.

Please visit the NPDES page for information on what Leon County is doing to address water quality issues.

To find out what you can do to help minimize nonpoint source pollution and it's impacts on Leon County's water resources, click here.

To find out which of the 25 watersheds, or drainage basins, in Leon County that you live in, use our interactive Leon County Basin Map.

If you have any questions or would like more specific information on a water quality topic, please contact Mark Tancig, Water Resource Specialist, at 850-606-1523 or


Interactive Leon County Basin Map


Water Quality Issues


Common Invasive, Exotic Plant Species of Leon County Water bodies and Wetlands

       Water Quality Issues
What are those pink eggs I see near waterbodies?

Pink Snail Eggs on Tree Trunk

What is the difference between the native apple snail and the invasive apple snail?

Apple Snails

Do you live on a County maintained road? Do you have stormwater inlets? We can assist you in marking those inlets to protect water quality in your area. Call 606-1500 or e-mail for more information.

No Dumping - Drains to Lake

EPA Guide to Water Efficient Landscaping

Water Efficient Landscaping

Water Quality Tip of the Month



Water Quality Issues 


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