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Stormwater Maintenance Services


The following services are provided to citizens in the unincorporated areas of Leon County to improve water quality and minimize flooding:

  • Respond to all stormwater service requests.

  • Inspect county stormwater systems for maintenance problems and ensure systems are functioning properly.

  • Mow or cut vegetation in stormwater systems including ditches, swales, treatment ponds, etc.

  • Remove silt (sand, mud, clay), trash or other debris from stormwater systems.

  • Repair or replace filter systems that do not function properly.

  • Repair other structures such as spillways, overflow pipes, concrete swales, etc.

  • Perform erosion control by replanting vegetation or other stabilization methods.

  • Remove non-native plants and maintain beneficial plants.

  • Provide educational services.


Leon County Public Works
Stormwater Maintenance
2280 Miccosukee Rd
Tallahassee, FL  32308

Telephone: 850-606-1400
Fax: 850-606-1401