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Special Event Fees

On March 25, 2008, the Board of County Commissioners approved a fee schedule for groups holding Special Events at County Parks & Recreation facilities. These fees were established to offset the County’s cost in preparation of the site and clean up after such events are held.  Each event will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine if fees will be applicable and if so, what the fee amount will be.

Highlights of the policy are listed below:

  • The policy only applies to groups who reserve or rent space at County Parks & Recreation facilities. Casual use will not be affected.

  • Events held at J. Lee Vause Park will have a fee of $750.

  • Events held at all other Parks & Recreation sites will have a fee equal to the cost of the County to prepare for and clean up from the event.

  • Events that do not require additional work by the County will not have a fee imposed.

  • County sponsored events and events sponsored by the Leon County School Board are exempt from said fees.

Examples of events that would not be subject to a fee include, but not may be limited to:

  • Tournaments held by the County-sponsored Little League Baseball, Pop Warner Football, or TOPS of Florida Soccer.

  • Cross-country races held by the School Board.

  • The Sheriff’s fishing tournament.

  • Events in which the sponsor does all the preparation and clean up for the event.

Examples of events that are subject to a fee include, but may not be limited to:

  • Weddings and family reunions.

  • Car rallies or shows.

  • Cross-country races held by private organizations.

  • Private groups using athletic fields for camps or tournaments.

  • Company picnics.

Download the Special Event Reservation Request form.

For more information, please see the policy on “Use and Scheduling of Parks & Recreation Facilities,” section 11, or call the Parks & Recreation Division at 606-1470.