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Veterans Services

Veterans Emergency Assistance Program 

The Veterans Emergency Assistance Program (VEAP) is funded by the Leon County Board of County Commissioners to provide financial assistance to veterans including rental/mortgage, utilities, temporary shelter, transportation for medical treatment, birth certificates, and special need circumstances. VEAP is designed to help veterans who are in need of assistance during an emergency situation and have the ability to sustain payments for future expenditures.  The veteran and his/her household must be “in need of the assistance payment Specifically, the veteran and his/her household is in need when the households net income is less than the households Basic Necessity Expenditures (as established below) for the most recent 30-day period.  If the households net income exceeds the households Basic Necessity Expenditures, then the veteran and his/her household is ineligible Applicant must have good likelihood of future independence. The applicant must demonstrate that the situation will be improved by next payment date.

How To Apply For VEAP

To properly submit an application for assistance, Veterans residing in Leon County should:

  1. Collect the Required Documents CHECKLIST
  2. Make an appointment by calling Paula Wibberley with ECHO at 850-224-3246 x211; 
  3. Meet with an ECHO representative who will assist you in completing the VEAP APPLICATION
  4. Receive a decision on your request within 24 hours or less; 
  5. Payment will be made directly to your creditor if approved within 7-10 business days (Promise to pay letters will be submitted if necessary)

Maximum Payment Amounts
Maximum payment amounts have been established to ensure that funds may be used to assist an optimal number of veterans, while still providing payment levels that will adequately assist clients with their particular need. The maximum payments are as follows:

Up to $500

Up to $300

Temporary Shelter
Up to $200

Up to $100

Birth Certificate
Up to $50.00

Because we maintain effective relationships within the community, we may be able to partner with other entities to provide the resources you need to fully resolve your temporary financial emergency even if your need exceeds our maximum payment amounts described above.