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Housing Finance Authority

Leon County Workers

The mission of the HFA is to consider opportunities that increase the availability of affordable housing in Leon County. This includes financing for owner-occupied single-family and multi-family housing units (townhouses and condominiums) and the sale of taxable bonds once approved by the Leon County Board of County Commissioners. The HFA receives revenue in the form of fees from the sale of tax bonds, program participation fees and lien payoffs from housing rehabilitation projects.

Meeting Notice: HFA of Leon County
  June 11, 2020

The HFA of Leon County will meet using Communications Media Technology.
The meeting will utilize a telephonic conference call
Time of Meeting: Noon, June 11, 2020

Members of the public wishing to attend may do so by calling into the conference
Call-in Number: (866) 569-3761
Pass Code: 8537016177

Public Participation.

  1. All public meetings to be conducted via CMT shall include one or more designated public comment periods when interested members of the public will be permitted to address the Board. Additionally, interested members of the public shall be permitted to speak on any item on the agenda or that otherwise comes before the board for official action at a Board meeting prior to a vote being held on any such item.
  2. Interested persons shall be permitted to address the Board upon being recognized by the Board Chair and/or the CMT Operator. To facilitate the orderly conduct of the meeting, the CMT Operator may “mute” or otherwise disable the lines of members of the public until such time as they are recognized to speak. Interested persons desiring to provide public comment should comply with the directions provided in the meeting notice, presented through CMT at the meeting, and/or otherwise described by the Board Chair and/or CMT Operator.
  3. The Board Chair may impose time limitations and such other reasonable conditions and restrictions on public comment as are provided for at a non-CMT meeting.

Meeting materials provided to the Board may be found on the Authority’s website

Any interested party may call or write for additional information, assistance (including ADA assistance), or for information to whom materials for the Board’s consideration may be submitted:
Mark Hendrickson, Administrator
1404 Alban Avenue
Tallahassee, Florida 32301



Name Term Original Date Appointed By
White, Charles A 
Begin Term: 10.01.2019 
End Term: 9.30.2023 
Type: Four years
9.24.2019  Jimbo Jackson 
Commissioner District II
George, Marnie 
Begin Term: 7.12.2016
End Term: 9.30.2020
Type: Four years
7.12.2016 Mary Ann Lindley
Commissioner At-large I
Lewis, Thomas 
Begin Term: 4.9.2016
End Term: 9.30.2020
Type: Four years
4.9.2013 Bryan Desloge
Commissioner District IV
Rogers, Mike 
Begin Term: 10.23.2016
End Term: 9.30.2020
Type: Four years
8.23.2011 Kristin Dozier
Commissioner District V
Sharkey, Jeffrey

Begin Term: 10.1.2017
End Term: 9.30.2021
Type: Four years
9.10.2013 Nick Maddox
Commissioner At-large II
Gay, Andrew 
Begin Term: 10.1.2017
End Term: 9.30.2021
Type: Four years
7.12.2011 John Dailey
Commissioner District III
Milon, Gail 
Begin Term: 10.1.2017
End Term: 9.30.2021
Type: Four years
9.22.2009 Bill Proctor
Commissioner District I
918 Railroad Avenue, Tallahassee, FL 32310
Ph: 850.606.1900 | Fax: 850.606.1901 | Email: