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Leon County

Since 2017, Leon County Government has implemented more than 200 citizen ideas to improve the programs and services we offer in Leon County. Such ideas include:

  • Adding a “button” to translate the County’s Emergency Information Portal website to keep citizens of any language proficiency informed during a disaster.
  • Creating a “Help My Pet” sticker to assist first responders in contacting a pet caretaker when the owner cannot be reached.
  • As a pilot program, installing three electric vehicle charging stations at the Main Library and Eastside Branch Library.
  • Transferring surplus Leon County EMS ambulances to Lively Technical Center to be used for training in the recently established Diesel Truck Maintenance Program.

All of these suggestions were from citizens like you!

We’re continuously looking to engage citizens as co-creators of our one-of-a-kind community, so we want you to send us more of your bright ideas.

Submit your Bright Idea

Can’t remember that one great idea just now? Download the newly designed Citizens Connect mobile app from the App Store or Google Play and you can send us your bright ideas on the go. We look forward to hearing from you and collaborating for a better tomorrow!

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African American Ascension

Join Leon County in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts Big Read kickoff Thursday, February 6, for the continuation of the 2020 Library Lecture Series with, “The World of Borne…and Our World” reading, exploration, and discussion at the Leon County Main Library featuring acclaimed New York Times bestselling author, Jeff VanderMeer.

Enter a world of phantasmagorical creatures in a future we should hope to avoid. Jeff VanderMeer will read from his novel AMC is turning into a TV series and talk about nature and the rich biodiversity of Tallahassee—and how we can keep it that way. Jeff VanderMeeris known most for his Southern Reach trilogy from FSG “Borne”, which won the Shirley Jackson Award and Nebula Award and recently made Buzzfeed’s list of the best books of the decade. The trilogy also prompted the New Yorker to call the author “the weird Thoreau” and was published in 35 countries, with Paramount Pictures releasing a movie in 2018.

The event is free and open to the public.

Free registration and more information here


African American Ascension

Leon County Government in partnership with the Village Square present “Created Equal: 60th Anniversary of Tallahassee Lunch Counter Sit-ins” on February 13 at 6 p.m. at The Moon. An evening of stories and lived experiences told by members of our community who led the first organized lunch counter sit-ins in protest of segregation.

Free registration and more information here