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Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a mowing ordinance in Leon County?
Yes, Leon County does have an ordinance that requires property owners to mow their lots. The mowing ordinance is for the unincorporated portion of Leon County, which requires that grass not exceed 18 inches in height. Also, the City of Tallahassee has a mowing ordinance, for more information, please call (850) 891-7001.

My neighbor's grass is tall at his/her house; can you make them cut it?
Yes, Leon County does have an ordinance that requires people to cut their yards.  Leon County Code of Laws, Public Nuisance Lot Mowing Ordinance 04-11.

Is there an ordinance to make a citizen cut down a tree that is diseased, dead, or can fall on a neighbor's property?
No, county ordinances do not require citizens to cut down trees. Any tree concerns that are not covered in the ordinances are considered civil matters

How long can somebody live in a travel trailer?
There is no specific time limit stated in Leon County Code Chapter 10 Section 10-1. However, under administrative policy, this office has determined three weeks to be a reasonable time for people to live in a travel trailer. (Note: A Travel Trailer shall mean a portable vehicular structure designed to be used as a TEMPORARY dwelling for travel and recreational purposes and not meant to be a used as a permanent dwelling).

If I have complained about an abandoned structure, and it is still abandoned, why isn't something being done about it?
Leon County allows vacant structures to remain as long as they are secured and do not present any threat to public health and safety. Once a Building Inspector has determined the premises to be satisfactorily secured, no further action will be taken.

Why aren't the County codes the same as the City codes? Why are they enforced differently?
City Ordinances were designed for a more urban, densely-populated setting. County Ordinances were designed for more rural, less dense areas.

Can I do automobile repair at my home for family members and friends?
No, your place of residence is for residential use. Working on any vehicles other than your own is not allowed.

Mud is washing off a construction site, in the unincorporated area of Leon County, causing a safety or environmental hazard. Who should I call?
The Leon County Department of Development Support and Environmental Management, Division of Environmental Enforcement, (850) 606-1300.