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Department of Development Support and Environmental Management

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David McDevitt David McDevitt Director
Development Support and
Environmental Management

Barry Wilcox Barry Wilcox Chief Development
Resources Officer

Whether you are a contractor or a conservationist, we believe that service and stewardship are not mutually exclusive.  We believe that by providing the highest quality of customer service, offering value-added professional guidance and technical resources, and ensuring efficiency and clarify at every stage of the development process, we facilitate the highest quality built and natural environment attainable for our community.

Contact David McDevitt 850.606.1346
Contact Barry Wilcox 850.606.1332


Development Support and Environmental Management (DSEM) is a group of divisions and programs within Leon County which provides one-stop permitting and processing services related to development activities.  The primary mission of DSEM is to ensure the continued vitality of the County, including both the built and natural environments, by promoting awareness and compliance with the Board's adopted growth management regulations.

DSEM's offices, which are located on the second floor of the Renaissance Center at 435 N. Macomb Street.  For general information, or if you are unsure which division you need to contact with your questions, please click on the "citizens connect" button above.   

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Development Support and Environmental Management
435 N. Macomb Street
Renaissance Center, 2nd Floor
Tallahassee, FL 32301
(850) 606-1300
Fax (850) 606-1301
(Open M,Tu,Th and Fri. 8-5 Wed. 9:30-5)