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Code Compliance


The Department of Development Support and Environmental Management (DSEM) initiated a program for Code Compliance. The objective of the program is to promote, protect, and improve the health, safety, and welfare of all citizens by resolving citizen complaints and enforcing the County’s codes. It is achieved through the collective efforts of citizens and inspection personnel assigned to DSEM, and in special cases, the County Code Enforcement Board.


Threats to public health & safety of dangerous, abandoned, and/or unsecured buildings, hazardous pools, ponds, and/or excavations neglected, abandoned, and/or environmental, zoning and junk & litter.

The CODES enforced are:

Public Nuisances: junk & litter

Building, Nuisance and Abatement

Zoning Code & Land Development Regulations


Minimum Housing


To file a complaint on the codes listed above you can download  the Code Complaint Form* and mail or deliver it to the address listed below.  Also to file a complaint against a state certified or Leon County registered contractor, you may download a Contractors Complaint Form in PDF format, and mail it to the address below. Alternatively, you may call our office at 606-1300 during normal business hours (8a.m. - 5p.m.).   Complaints may also be filed in person at:

Department of Development Support and Environmental Management 
435 N. Macomb Street, 2nd Floor 
Tallahassee, FL  32301

*  Frivolous and unfounded complaints will not be processed or investigated.

Simply follow these three (3) easy steps to register a complaint:

Tell us what you see. Clearly identify the specific type of complaint or nuisance. (Trash & debris, junk vehicles, etc.)

Give your name and phone number.  You cannot remain anonymous, and will be part of the public record.

Know the ADDRESS and/or the owner of the property you are calling on. If the address is unknown, specific details of the location of the property is required. This will help speed up the investigation.