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Environmental Services

John Kraynak
John Kraynak
Environmental Services

Environmental Permits

An environmental management permit shall mean an approved application for a permit for stormwater management , floodplain, landscaping, tree protection, or tree removal, as required pursuant hereto for each development project, or right-of-way placement permit, general permit, silviculture permit, or vegetative management permit, issued in lieu of an environmental management permit for development activity.

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DeVelopment Support And Environmental Management 435 N. Macomb Street
Renaissance Center, 2nd Floor
Tallahassee, FL  32301
FAX: 850-606-1301

Environmental Management Permit - Electronic Application Submittals:
To initiate the necessary procedure to allow for electronic Environmental Management Permit (EMP) application submittals, please complete the first page of the applicable EMP form and email to the Environmental Review Supervisor at ezzagaghin@leoncountyfl.gov.  A confirmation email will be sent, along with detailed/specific direction to allow for a successful electronic EMP submittal.

Habitat Management Plan Guidelines

 - Gopher Tortoise


The Greenspace Reservation Area Credit Exchange (GRACE) Program   

The GRACE program provides the ability for developers within the Urban Services Area (USA) of unincorporated Leon County to reduce the amount of area on their project site that must be committed to landscaping, or to natural area if the areas are not preservation features.  In exchange, the developer is required to convey to the County other environmentally sensitive lands, specifically floodprone lands, that are vested or allowed to be developed.  The program allows developers to meet 25% to 95% of their landscaping and 75% to 100% of their natural area requirements "off site" by conveying an area equivalent to twice the amount of land area that would otherwise be devoted to landscaping or natural area.  The program allows the greatest amount of flexibility for development within those zoning districts intended to be the most intensely developed, and provides less flexibility for districts intended to be developed at more moderate intensities.  The GRACE Program regulations are found in Section 10-4.346 of the Leon County Land Development Code.  For a listing of potential floodprone lands that would qualify for the program, please contact the Environmental Services Division at 850-606-1300.

Science Advisory Committee

The Science Advisory Committee (SAC) is a joint County and City Board-appointed nine-member committee tasked with evaluating and reporting findings to the County Commission on the scientific evidence and making recommendations concerning policies and programs that pertain to environmental issues in developed and developing areas, and evaluating the need for further data collection and analysis on issues approved by the Board of County Commissioners or the appropriate administrator.  They meet the first Friday of each month at the DSEM office, located at 435 N. Macomb St.

Their most recent topic of discussion centered around lead in drinking water.  For their final report on this issue, please click here.