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Codes, Laws and Policy Manuals

Codes and Laws

2017 Florida Building Codes

The following codes are in effect in the State of Florida, and can be accessed online by clicking here:
    Florida Building Code, Building (FBC-B)             6th Edition (2017)
    National Electrical Code (NEC)                           2014 Edition

    Florida Building Code, Building (FBC-B)             6th Edition (2017)
    Florida Accessibility Code (FACBC)                    6th Edition (2017)
    FL Building Code, Mechanical (FBC-M)              6th Edition (2017)
    FL Building Code, Fuel Gas (FBC-FG)                6th Edition (2017)
    FL Building Code, Plumbing (FBC-P)                  6th Edition (2017)
    FL Building Code, Existing Building (FBC-EB)    6th Edition (2017)
    Florida Fire Prevention Code (FFPC)                  6th Edition
    National Electrical Code (NEC)                            2014 Edition

Please click here for additional information required for commercial projects.

The Leon County Code of Laws is available on line. The code is hosted and maintained by Municipal Code Corporation.  State and municipal codes are also available from Municipal Code Corp.

The Tallahassee-Leon County Comprehensive Plan is available online from the City of Tallahassee.

The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Building Code Information System.

Bradfordville Sector Plan

Bradfordville Site & Building Design Standards Guidelines Manual

Policies & Procedures Manual for Development Pursuant to the Leon County/City of Tallahassee Water and Sewer Agreement

Concurrency Management Policies and Procedures

Addressing Policies and Procedures Operating Guidelines