Drinking Water Reports

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Drinking Water Reports

Although Leon County is not directly responsible for generating drinking water reports, residents can find information about their drinking water through their utility provider, City of Tallahassee or Talquin Electric Cooperative. Residents on private well-water are responsible for drinking water safety testing. For information on how to test your own private well, contact to the Florida Department of Health at (850) 245-4250 or AskEH@flhealth.gov. 

More information about lead in drinking water from Leon County's Science Advisory Committee can be found by clicking here.

The City of Tallahassee

The City of Tallahassee routinely monitors for contaminates in drinking water according to State and Federal laws, rules and regulations. Contaminates that the City tests for include: lead, copper, volatile organic contaminates, radioactive contaminants, disinfectants and disinfection by-products and inorganic contaminants. To ensure the safety of our tap water, the Environmental Protection Agency sets regulations which limit the amount of certain contaminates in water provided by public water systems. Click here to view the City of Tallahassee's latest Water Quality Report. 

Residents living in the City of Tallahassee limits can also view the City's previous water quality reports and other water documents by clicking here. 

Talquin Electric Cooperative

All Talquin water systems are routinely monitored for contaminates according to State and Federal laws, rules and regulations for residents living in the unincorporated areas. Contaminants that Talquin tests for include: radioactive contaminants, inorganic contaminants, lead, copper and disinfectants/disinfectant byproducts. For questions about drinking water reports, contact Talquin Water Services at (850) 562-2115. Click here for Talquin's most recent data on drinking water in Leon County as well information on boil water notices.  

Talquin Water Services provides drinking water information for the following neighborhoods:

  • Annawood
  • Bradfordville
  • Burgess Circle
  • Gadsden
  • Hammock Creek
  • Hinson Heights/Tobacco Road
  • Jamieson
  • Lake Jackson
  • Leon East
  • Leon South
  • Leon West
  • Meadows
  • Meridian Hills
  • St. James
  • Stonegate
  • Sweetwater
  • Wakulla 



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