Amy Doyle

Name: Corey Wiliford

Career field: Plumbing

Organization: McNeill Plumbing

Years with current organization: 12 years

Years in career field: 14 years

What encouraged you to work in this career field?
My dad really wanted me to go to college, thinking that if I did I would have a better life. I tried college for a bit but it wasn’t for me. I switched career paths and went into plumbing where I started making good money right off the bat. I like what I’m doing and have never looked back.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?
The best part about what I do is being able to fix people’s problems. When I first get there people are having a bad day, so it’s rewarding when I can leave them with a smile because I helped them.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
I appreciate that I have lot of job security; we need more plumbers. We make good money and I’m surprised more people don’t want to be plumbers. I also like that my job has so much variety since I get to meet new people and see cool stuff behind the scenes.

What motivates you daily?
In this job people let you into their home and trust you to help them with their problem. That trust motivates me and I take pride in what I do. Having the McNeill name on my shirt also motivates me because I’m representing my friends and coworkers.

What education/training does a person need to get started in your field?
I learned a lot of my skills on the job. McNeill has a great mentoring system and the old hands here have a wealth of knowledge to share with anyone willing to learn. After a few years of experience, you can work through the state to get Journeyman and then Master Plumber level certification.

What advice do you have for those considering entering into a career in your career field?
Just walk in the door. There’s a demand for plumbers so you can walk in with no experience, if you’re willing to learn. If you show a little initiative and work hard you’ll go far in this business.




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