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Limited Partition 

 To qualify for a Limited Partition Subdivision, one of the threshold categories listed below must apply, and all of the special restrictions listed below must be met.  A Permitted Use Verification (PUV), determined "Eligible" or "Conditional", as well as an approved Natural Features Inventory (NFI), shall be obtained prior to filing an application for Limited Partition.


Threshold Categories

A subdivision of unplatted land on an existing public or private street with legal access into not more than 10 lots, and a maximum of 10 dwelling units, as allowed by density restrictions within the subject zoning district. 

  1. A subdivision of existing duplex, triplex, or quadruplex structures certified to comply with applicable zoning and building codes may be allowed with compliance verified by the Building Official. 

  2. A division of an existing parcel outside of the Urban Services Area into parcels with a minimum size of 50 acres each in the Rural, Urban Fringe, or Lake Talquin/Urban Fringe zoning district, or a minimum size of 10 acres each in the Rural Community zoning district. 

  • Special Restrictions

    1. Division shall not require the creation of a new street to provide legal access to any subdivided lot.

    2. Limited to unplatted land located outside the Urban Services Area (USA), on an existing public or private street, with legal access.

    3. The land has not been previously subdivided through the Limited Partition subdivision process.

    4. No lot created by a Limited Partition subdivision may access to a major or minor arterial, or to a major collector roadway.

    5. Division shall not require the extension of water and sewer mains to the site, but extension of water and sewer service within the development are permitted.

  • A list of the required documentation for a Limited Partition application submittal is provided on the checklist form included in the application packet.