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Exempt From Review

There are specific Land Development Code exemptions which may allow property owners to divide, convey, or adjust property boundaries without meeting all the requirements of the site and development review regulations. Although these situations are not classified as a "subdivision" by definition, the developer or land owner must comply with all other applicable land use ordinances.

Processing Requirements for Exempt Subdivisions:

1.  Each request for an exemption subject to Leon County Code shall be originated with the Development Services Division, Department of Growth and Environmental Management.  A Permitted Use Verification (PUV) is required to determine eligibility for many of the exempt processes.  Contact Development Services for more information at 850-606-1300.

2.  All questions on the application form must be completed. Proof of ownership or interest must be provided in the form of a recorded deed or other legal instrument of record. If you are not the legal owner, a written power of attorney must be submitted authorizing you to act as applicant on behalf of the legal property owner.


3.  With the exception of the ASAP process, following review and approval of an application by the Development Services staff, the landowner shall file an affidavit (provided) which shall specify that: 

a.  The property has been modified or subdivided.
b.  The number of new parcels created, if any.
c.  The exemption type filed.
d.  The legal description of parcel(s) and the metes and bounds description of each new parcel.          

4.  A non-refundable filing fee must be paid at the time of application. (See "Fees")