Lake Munson Drawdown

Lake Munson

To ensure the long-term health of Lake Munson, Leon County is currently conducting a drawdown of Lake Munson in coordination with the State of Florida. The drawdown is part of the County's ongoing and long-term action plan to protect and preserve Lake Munson both now and into the future.

As always, Leon County will continue to closely monitor Lake Munson and explore innovative technology and solutions to ensure the water body's health and quality.

Safety Information

  1. Foot traffic is permitted; however, visitors should use caution. Swallets (small flowing streams) are unmarked, and footing is unpredictable on the soft mud and vegetation throughout the lake bottom. Visitors should not go into the remaining pools because the lake bottom sediments are unstable.
  2. All fishing, hunting and boating regulations are still in effect and are administered and enforced by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). 
  3. Lake-bottom driving with any motorized vehicle is prohibited and strictly enforced. All biological, cultural and historical resources are protected on sovereign submerged state lands. State and local government agencies will work together on research, monitoring, management and outreach as the drawdown progresses.

For more information on the Lake Munson Drawdown, contact Anna Padilla, Stormwater Management Coordinator, at 850-606-1500 or

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