In an effort to make our transportation “greener”, Leon County has partnered with No Petro to open the first public/private Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station! CNG fuel is a more environmentally clean alternative to regular gasoline, and the County now owns multiple CNG vehicles.

Why is Transportation a “Green” Issue?

Transportation is the second largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, accounting for about 31% of total U.S. CO2 emissions. There are many ways we can reduce our individual impact. Alternative options for transportation – such as biking, carpooling, or public bus systems – are often underutilized. Not only are these great options for reducing your carbon footprint, but they can be great options for saving money, staying active, and making your daily commute a little more interesting.

Fun Fact:

You can get discounts at certain businesses in Leon County just by riding your bike there! Join Bike Eat Shop Tallahassee (BEST) to take advantage of these deals.

Alternative Transportation (and Benefits)

  • Walking and Biking
    • Good for health and happiness
    • No stress about parking
    • Free
  • Public Transportation
    • Bus fare is often affordable
    • Don’t have to worry about paying gas for or putting wear and tear on your personal vehicle
    • Provide opportunity for social interaction
  • Carpooling
    • Reduce fuel costs
    • Can lead to community building and social networking
  • Telecommuting
    • Beneficial if you live very far from where you work
    • Saves on fuel costs, vehicle mileage and fossil fuel use


  • Reduce traffic and street congestion
  • Reduce air pollution and the use of fossil fuels
  • Create a healthier, happier community

Green Driving Tips

Be sure to keep these in mind when driving.

  • Take the most fuel efficient vehicle.
  • Don’t accelerate or brake too suddenly between traffic lights – it can reduce your fuel economy!
  • Take the shortest route to cut down on time and gas emissions.
  • Avoid idling – idling for 10 seconds or longer wastes more gas than restarting the engine.
  • Ride as a group whenever possible.
  • Carrying excessive weight (such as a bike rack, big boxes in your trunk, etc.) can reduce fuel economy. Remember to empty your car of unnecessary items.
  • Driving at high speeds can increase wind resistance, and thus reduce your fuel economy.
  • Make sure to take your car in for regular maintenance. Improper or infrequent vehicle maintenance can lead to a poorly tuned engine, which will burn more fuel.





  • Commuter Services of North Florida – find carpool or vanpool partners, learn about the Emergency Ride Home Program, and more:
  • eRideShare – online ride share and carpool community:
  • Federal Transit Administration – Alternative Transportation and Your Health:
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