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Recycling Links

 There are many ways to recycle products that normally cannot go into recycling bins. Reuse these items in creative ways, or donate them to local organizations!

The Sharing Tree

The Sharing Tree is a reusable resource center for teachers in Leon County. Located in the Midtown neighborhood of Tallahassee, this center provides reusable materials to teachers at no charge. You may also donate any teaching materials (crafts, art, paper, etc.) that you no longer have a use for. Click on the link to their website to discover a list of what can be donated.

Community Links:

Leon County Recycling is involved with many local organizations, collectively promoting sustainability and education in Leon County. Visit their sites to see how you can get involved!

    Leon County Tallahassee Sustainable TallahasseeEasy As One Leon County

 UFFlorida Chamber of Commerce


Other Links: 

 TerraCycle offers programs for you to collect non-recyclable or hard to recycle waste and ship it out for recycling

Tallahassee FreeCycle allows you to post and browse items that are being given away for free within your area

 Earth911 is another great resource to learn more about recycling