Eligibility for Library Cards

Policy No. 98-11

Effective Date: April 8, 2014

Any person residing in Leon County who can show proof of residency of the type listed in this policy is eligible to apply for a free library card. Cards are issued to individuals, not groups. Individuals must apply for a card in person. Children under the age of 18 must have parental or guardian co-signature on the card application. Children under the age of 18 who apply for a card must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for co-signature. Parents or guardians are responsible for items checked out by their children. A parent or guardian co-signing with a child under the age of 18 must present photo identification and proof of residency. The parent or guardian may not have delinquencies on his or her own card nor on other minors’ cards for which the parent or guardian cosigned.

Individuals who live outside Leon County but who own property in Leon County or are employees of Leon County are eligible to apply for a free library card.: Board of County Commissioners, Sheriff, Supervisor of Elections, Clerk of the Courts, Tax Collector, Public Defender, State's Attorney, and Court Administrator, Leon County employees must provide a current pay stub, and Leon County property owners, who reside outside Leon County, must provide a tax receipt as evidence of eligibility.

Other individuals who do not meet these two eligibility criteria and who do not reside in Leon County must pay for a card at a rate of $10 for three months; $20 for six months or $30 for a year.

Lost cards may be replaced by the library upon presentation of the required proof of residency and payment of $2 for adults and $.50 for children under the age of 18.

Individuals who apply for a library card must present photo identification. If the photo identification does not show the individual’s current local street address, proof of residency in Leon County may be in the form of any one of the documents listed that shows the name of the applicant and the current Leon County street address of residency.

The following documents may be used as proof of residency in Leon County:

  1. Florida driver’s license
  2. Florida identification card
  3. Personal check with name and current Leon County street address imprint
  4. Current lease agreement or rent receipt
  5. Current utility, cable or land line phone bill
  6. Automobile registration
  7. Current property tax or mortgage payment receipt

from Leon County Policy 98-11, effective March 24, 2010

Cardholder's Responsibilities


  • Every two years your library card will need to be renewed. At that time, library staff will confirm or update your address, phone numbers, e-mail address and other information in our records. There is no charge to renew library cards.
  • Non-resident fee cards can be renewed as needed.