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Leon County Sales Tax Committee

Status Update Regarding the Extension of the Sales Tax as of April 22, 2014:
The Board of County Commissioners and the City Commission both conducted respective meetings In February to consider the work of the Leon County Sales Tax Committee. During these meetings, the respective governing bodies have taken specific actions and provided policy guidance as it relates to the possible continuation of the infrastructure sales tax.

On April 22, 2014, the Intergovernmental Agency (consisting of the Board of County Commissioners and the City Commission) conducted a meeting to discuss outstanding differences between the County and City Commissions regarding the projects for the extension of the local government surtax (sales tax).

For a complete listing of the actions and projects approved by the County and City Commission at the April 22, 2014 Intergovernmental Agency meeting regarding the extension of the sales tax, please click here.

Leon County Sales Tax Committee Overview and Recommendations:
On September 13, 2011, the Board adopted the enacting resolution to establish the Leon County Sales Tax Committee (Committee), representing a broad cross section of the community. The enacting resolution states that the Committee “shall make final recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners and the City Commission in the form of a written report, workshop, or other means that shall include: (1) recommendations as to the timing of the infrastructure sales tax referendum, if any; and (2) a review that contains advisory feedback on the projects considered by the committee.”

The Committee was appointed by the Leon County Board of County Commissioners and City of Tallahassee Commissioners representing a broad cross section of our community and includes representatives from the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce, Capital City Chamber of Commerce, Blueprint Citizen Advisory Committee, and the Economic and Environmental Consensus Committee. The Committee held its first meeting in January 2012 and spent its first year gathering information and receiving public input. Throughout this process, the Committee was committed to engaging the public and reserved the first portion of each meeting to allow the community time to voice their comments, recommendations, or preferred projects for consideration. During the second year, the Committee engaged in a thorough evaluation process of all the projects brought forth for its consideration. The Committee' completed its charge on January 30, 2014.

The Committee embraced the concept of continuing the Blueprint philosophy and identified a series of themes to ensure the holistic approach would be embodied in the projects. As reflected in the Committee’s final report, the projects recommended include many of the County and City projects; projects as presented by the community; and projects recommended by the Committee itself. The Committee considered infrastructure projects, which far exceeded the available funding, as well as Imagine Tallahassee’s recommendations for the economic development component of the sales tax. The Committee ultimately recommended a 20 year continuation of the sales tax to include the existing 80/10/10 funding split (80% Blueprint, 10% County, 10% City) with 12% dedicated to economic development and for the referendum to be placed on the November 2014 General Election ballot.

To view the Sales Tax Committee's Final Report to the Leon County Board of County Commissioners and City of Tallahassee click here.