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Community Human Service Partnership (CHSP)


Notice of the 2020/2021-2021/2022


Leon County and the City of Tallahassee will be conducting Community Human Service Partnership (CHSP) grant reviews for the 2020/2021 - 2021/2022 funding cycle. The grant review process will be performed during the month of June by ten designated Citizen Review Teams

The Citizens Review Team Schedule can be found by following the link Below:

Citizens Review Teams Schedule

For more information, contact Leon County office of Human Services and Community Partnerships at 850-606-1900.

To see and hear the recordings of the Citizens Review Teams please follow the links below:

Team One: Children's Services June 1, 2020 Part One

Team One: Children's Services June 1, 2020 Part Two

Team Two: Community Support June 2, 2020 Part One

Team Two:  Community Support June 2, 2020 Part Two

Team Three: Persons With Disabilities Meeting and Deliberations June 3, 2020

Team Four: Emergency Services June 4, 2020

Team Five: Family Support Services June 15, 2020   

Team Seven: Senior Services Monday, June 29, 2020

Team Eight:  Youth Recreation, Character Building & Mentorship June 17, 2020

Team Nine:  Youth Education, Employment & Training June 18, 2020

Team Ten:  Promise Zone June 16, 2020


Team One: Children's Services Deliberations June 8, 2020

Team Two: Community Support Deliberations June 9, 2020

Team Four: Emergency Services Deliberations June 11, 2020 - Part One

Team Four: Emergency Services Deliberations June 11, 2020 - Part Two

Team Five: Family Support Deliberations June 22, 2020 

Team Eight: Youth Recreation, Character Building & Mentorship Deliberations June 24, 2020

Team Nine: Youth Education, Employment & Training Deliberations June 25, 2020

Team Seven:  Senior Services Meeting and Deliberations June 29, 2020

Team Ten:  Promise Zone Deliberations June 30, 2020

Team Ten:  Promise Zone June 23, 2020 Part I

Team Ten:  Promise Zone  June 23, 2020 Part II

Team Ten: Promise Zone Team Deliberations Day Four Thursday, July 2, 2020

WHAT IS the Community Human Service Partnership (CHSP)?

Initially implemented in 1997, the Community Human Service Partnership is an innovative collaboration between Leon County and the City of Tallahassee.  It was established to most effectively distribute community funds for human services.  An overview of the process:

  • Training is provided through mandatory workshops for interested non-profit agencies.  Afterward, access to the online application is provided to eligible agencies with technical assistance available up until the application submission date.
  • The application includes financial, managerial, programmatic, and performance information.
  • Solicitation and training of volunteers that conduct the program reviews.
  • Dividing volunteers into 10 teams to review application grouped into funding categories such as children's services, substance abuse, youth education, and elderly services.
  • Each volunteer team reviews the applications, conducts site visits, and recommends priorities and funding.
  • Agencies may appeal the funding recommendations.
  • Final recommendations are submitted to the County and City commissions for approval.
  • Volunteers and agencies evaluate each year's process and make recommendations for improving the program for the next funding cycle. HOW DOES IT BENEFIT OUR COMMUNITY? Prior to CHSP, the County and City conducted similar but separate processes for allocating human service funds.  There were isolated funding decisions; less effective, sometimes politically sensitive funding recommendations; and no coordination of application reviews, funding implementation, or planning for services.  Benefits of the CHSP process include: 
  • Non-profits file only one application.
  • Elimination of over-funding of some agencies for the same services (i.e. 'double dipping').
  • Identification of gaps in service delivery.
  • Effective use of knowledgeable community volunteers.
  • Extensive volunteer training.
  • Less potential for political influence in funding recommendations.
  • Evaluation of funding process by volunteers and non-profit agencies.
  • Dialogue on community-wide planning and coordination of human services.
  • Shared administrative processes between the County and City.
  • Received $6.4 million in requests for funding.
  • Allocated $4.5 million to 65 agencies.
  • Recruited and trained approximately 100 volunteers from the community. AWARDS AND RECOGNITION Awards and recognition of the CHSP process are as follows:
  • A report by the 21st Century Council, a private non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Tallahassee/Leon County, concluded 'One of the most successful coordinated efforts in the community has been the collaboration of the United Way of the Big Bend, the City of Tallahassee, Leon County, ...'
  • Awarded the John J. Gunter Blue Ribbon in Best Practices in Government from the U.S. Department of Housing and Human Development.
  • CHSP was one of the three showcased projects in the All-America competition.
  • Model replicated by other local governments.
  • Selected as a case study by the International City County Management Association Universities Best Practices 2000.
  • Process published in several government publications. For more information: Please visit the CHSP website at to register as an agency or volunteer.