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PDF - BC-12-18-14-14  Sheriff's Office Envelope Repairs

PDF - BC-12-18-14-04  Autumn Woods Way Drainage Improvements

PDF - BC-11-06-14-02 Elevator Maintenance, Services & Upgrades, Continuing Supply

PDF - BC-11-18-14-05  Fred George Basin Greenway

PDF - BC-06-17-14-33  Consultant Services for the Development of the Gulf Consortium's State Expenditure Plan Required by the Restore Act 

PDF - BC-08-05-14-43  Countywide Video Production & Public Relations, Continuing Services   

 PDF -BC-06-26-14-41 Architectural, Engineering, Interior Design, CS
PDF - BC-04-03-14-27 Reverse Auction Services
PDF - BC-06-17-14-33 Consultant for State Expenditure Plan required by RESTORE Act - Short List
PDF - BC-06-10-14-37  Tree Collection Data
PDF - BC-06-19-14-42  Sod Services; Continuing Supply
PDF - BC-05-20-14-29 Tourism Research Services
PDF - BC-05-01-14-32  Electronic Monitoring & Related Services
PDF - BC-06-05-14-38  Transportation & Recycling of Obsolete Electronics
PDF - BC-06-10-14-35  Surplus Auction Services
PDF - BC-05-06-14-28 Tourism Related Advertising, Promotional, and Public Relations Services - SHORT LIST
PDF - BC-03-18-14-24  Solid Waste Consulting and Engineering Services
PDF - BC-03-13-14-25  RFP for Financial Advisory Services
PDF - BC-02-27-14-22 Fred George Greenway Museum & Nature Center
PDF - BC-02-27-14-11  Jail Renovations  (RESCINDED)
PDF - BC-02-27-14-11 Jail Renovations 
PDF - BC-02-20-14-21  Deer Lane Drainage Improvements
PDF - BC-02-14-14-18 Advertisement of 2013 Delinquent Tax Notices
PDF - BC-02-06-14-20  Purchase of BTI Granules
PDF - BC-02-06-14-19  Small Engine Repairs and Services
PDF - BC-11-21-13-08  Bank of America Building Re-Roofing Re-Bid
PDF - BC-04-25-13-36  Bank of America Building Water Proofing Re-Bid
PDF - BC-11-07-13-06  Miccosukee Road Signing & Pavement Marking
PDF - BC-11-05-13-10  Sheriff's Office Envelope Repairs
PDF - BC-10-30-13-05 Asphaltic Concrete Material and Services, CS
PDF - BC-10-15-13-02  Killearn Lakes Unit 3 Drainage
PDF - BC-10-01-13-01  Louvinia Drive & Portsmouth Circle Drainage Improvements
PDF - BC-09-30-13-68  RFP for the Preparation of Cost Allocation Plans
PDF - BC-09-17-13-67  Miccosukee Greenway Trail, Phase II
PDF - BC-08-29-13-62 Lauder Pond Improvements
PDF - BC-08-22-13-50 Miccosukee Road Signing and Pavement Marking
PDF -  BC-07-23-13-57  Open-Grade Hot Mix Bituminous Pavement In Place
PDF - BC-07-09-13-55 Water Quality Monitoring, CS 
PDF - BC-05-23-13-38  Professional Management for Ticket Regional Concerts @ the Amphitheater @ Cascades Park
PDF - BC-05-23-13-49  Talpeco Road Turn Lane Addition
PDF - BC-05-23-13-43  Edinburgh Estates Drainage Improvements
PDF - BC-05-30-13-44  Miccosukee Community Park Improvements
PDF - BC-05-16-13-42  Caulk & Weatherseal @ the Leon County Jail
PDF - BC-04-25-13-37  Commercial Property Assessment Clean Energy (PACE) Administrator
PDF - BC-05-23-13-41  LC Courthouse Elevator Upgrades, No's 1 & 2
adobe pdf icon - BC-05-21-13-45  Disposal of Hazardous Waste, Hazardous Waste Center, Continuing Supply
adobe pdf icon - BC-05-21-13-46 Purchase of Semi-Automatic Biphasic Automatic AED's
adobe pdf icon -BC-05-16-13-47  Stonler Road Community Park Concession Stand
adobe pdf icon - BC-05-02-13-39  Resurface of Tennis Courts @ Chaires Community Park
adobe pdf icon - BC-04-23-13-34  Sidewalk and Associated Work, Continuing Supply
PDF - BC-03-14-13-27  Killearn Lakes Drainage Project, Phase 1b
PDF - BC-04-25-13-36  Meridian Road & Rhoden Cove Roads Intersection Improvements
PDF - BC-10-30-12-05 RFP for Legal Counsel for the Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Commission
PDF - BC-03-19-13-29  Lafayette Street Phase II
PDF -BC-03-28-13-33 Regulated Medical Waste Disposal Services
PDF - BC-03-28-13-28 Courthouse Roof Coating
PDF - BC-11-20-12-17 Advertisement of Delinquent Tax Notices 
PDF - BC-02-07-13-26  Installation of Well System, Miccosukee Community Park
PDF - BC-01-23-13-20 Solid Waste Collection Services
PDF -BC-11-15-12-02 RFP for Lafayette Street Sidewalk and Roadway Improvements 
PDF - BC-10-23-12-04  RFP for Legal Counsel for Code Enforcement Board
PDF - BC-10-23-12-06  RFP for Bond Counsel for Leon County
PDF - BC-10-23-12-07  RFP for Disclosure Counsel for Leon County
PDF - BC-11-30-12-19  Rodent & Termite Control Services, Continuing Services
PDF - BC-12-20-12-22  Re-Roofing of Leon County Jail Annex Building
PDF - BC-12-14-12-23  Competency Restoration Services for Leon County Courts (Re-Bid)
PDF - BC-11-01-12-16  Mental Health Competency Restoration Services for Leon County Courts
PDF - BC-11-06-12-12  Parking Lot Improvements @ Lake Jackson Town Square & Huntington Oaks
PDF - BC-10-25-12-14  RFP for Preparation of Cost Allocation Plans
PDF - BC-10-25-12-09 Transfer Station Wheel Washing System.pdf
PDF - BC-10-30-12-08  Fairbanks Ferry Emergency Access Project
PDF - BC-10-18-12-03  Lakeside Drive Drainage Improvements
PDF - BC-11-15-12-02  Lafayette Street Sidewalk & Roadway Improvements Project
PDF -BC-08-30-12-57  Safety Shoes, Continuing Supply
PDF- BC-08-09-12-56 Treaty Oak Trail Drainage Improvements.pdf
PDF- BC-08-09-12-54  Hampton Creek Storm Water Management Facility
PDF - BC-08-09-12-53  Storm Water Maintenance, Annual Contract
PDF - BC-01-11-12-25  RFP for NG 9-1-1 System
PDF - BC-07-17-12-50  Installation & Maintenance of Striping & Pavement Markings
PDF - BC-04-05-12-43  Background Check Services for Employees and Volunteers
PDF - BC-06-12-12-66  BOA Building Stairwell, Elevator Shaft & General Building Pressurization
PDF - BC-11-17-11-18  RFP for Drug Treatment Services for the Leon County Felony Drug Court
PDF - BC-06-21-12-49  Bannerman Road & Bull Headley Intersection Improvements
PDF - BC-03-09-11-20  ITN for Public Safety Complex Visualization & Collaboration System
PDF - BC-10-11-11-03  Consoles for the Public Safety Center
PDF - BC-05-24-12-64  Bank of America Building Fire Pump Replacement
PDF - BC-05-31-12-63  Springhill Road Bridge Embankment Repair Project
PDF - BC-04-25-12-45  RFP for Stormwater Assessment Study
PDF - BC-04-17-12-44  RFP for Solid Waste Assessment Study Study
PDF - BC-04-24-12-47  BOA Building, 7th Floor HVAC Renovations
PDF - BC-04-26-12-60 Septic Services, Continuing Supply
PDF - BC-03-27-12-41  RFP for Emergency Medical Services Inventory & Asset Management Software
PDF - BC-04-12-12-46  Brushy Creek Culvert Replacement
PDF - BC-04-18-12-59  Medical Grade Oxygen, Continuing Supply
PDF - BC-03-07-12-34 RFP for Telecommunications Systems Infrastructure for Public Safety Complex
PDF - BC-03-15-12-40  Mobile Home Replacement
adobe pdf icon - BC-03-22-12-39  Housing Rehabilitation, Group 2012-6
adobe pdf icon - BC-02-29-12-36 Terre Bonne Culvert Crossing
adobe pdf icon - BC-03-01-12-35  Housing Rehabilitation, Group 2012-4
adobe pdf icon - BC-03-08-12-37  Housing Rehabilitation, Group 2012-5
adobe pdf icon - BC-03-08-12-38  Home Replacement, Group 2012-B
adobe pdf icon - BC-02-16-12-31  Rental and Cleaning of Towels and Blankets for EMS, Continuing Services
adobe pdf icon - BC-02-21-12-28  Air Handlers 11 & 12 Replacements, Leon County Courthouse
adobe pdf icon - BC-02-14-12-27  Re-roofing Courthouse Annex
adobe pdf icon - BC-01-24-12-23  Salamanca & Palencia Courts Stormwater Enhancement Project
adobe pdf icon - BC-02-17-12-30  Killearn Acres Subdivision Middle Basin Drainage Improvements
adobe pdf icon - BC-12-13-11-24  Magnolia Drive & Lafayette Street Intersection Improvements
adobe pdf icon - BC-11-17-11-18  RFP for Drug Treatment  Services for the Leon County Felony Drug Court
adobe pdf icon - BC-10-26-11-10  Sharer Road Outfall Stabilization
adobe pdf icon - BC-11-01-11-11  Ben Boulevard Infrastructure Improvements
adobe pdf icon - BC-11-08-11-15  Sod Services, Continuing Services


adobe pdf icon - Portable Toilet Rental Service, Continuing Service
             - BC-11-10-11-16
adobe pdf icon - Leon County  Courthouse Sprinkler Upgrades 
             - BC-10-25-11-09 
adobe pdf icon - Maintenance & Repair of Truck Scales, Continuing Services
            - BC-10-06-11-05
adobe pdf icon - RFQ for Economic Feasibility Assessment   
            - BC-08-30-11-33
adobe pdf icon - Lake Jackson Branch Library, Community Center & Huffington Oaks 
            - BC-10-12-11-02
adobe pdf icon - Chaires Fire Station Addition      
            - BC-08-30-11-57
adobe pdf icon - Selena Road Roadway Project     
            - BC-10-04-11-57
adobe pdf icon - L.C. Sustainable Demonstration Center - Steel Support Structure for 
        Photovoltaic Array     
            - BC-10-11-11-06 
adobe pdf icon - L.C. Sustainable Demonstration Center - Geothermal Loop HVAC 
            - BC-10-11-11-07 
adobe pdf icon - L.C. Sustainable Demonstration Center - Electrical 
            - BC-10-11-11-08 
adobe pdf icon - Asphaltic Concrete Materials and Services, Continuing Supply   
            - BC-09-29-11-58
adobe pdf icon - ITB for Grounds Services    
            - BC-09-22-11-60
adobe pdf icon - RFP for Insurance Broker Services    
            - BC-09-30-11-61
            -  BC-07-28-11-46
adobe pdf icon - ITB for Custodial Services, Group 3, Health Departments   
            - BC-06-30-11-42
adobe pdf icon - ITB for Timber Lake Stormwater Enhancement Project    
adobe pdf icon - Storm Water Pond Maintenance, Annual Contract   
            - BC-07-12-11-47
adobe pdf icon - RFP for Disaster Debris Monitoring Services  
            - BC-03-16-11-23
adobe pdf icon - RFP for Architectural & Interior Design Services, Continuing Supply  
            - BC-04-13-11-29


adobe pdf icon - RFP for Mechanical, Plumbing or Electrical and/or Structural 
        Engineering Services, Continuing Supply  
            -  BC-04-14-11-30
adobe pdf icon - L.C. Courthouse Judicial Section, Elevator Upgrades, No's 6 & 7  
            - BC-04-26-11-31
adobe pdf icon - RFP for Internet Services, Continuing Supply  
            - BC-05-18-11-37
adobe pdf icon - RFP for ISDN PRI Telecommunication Services, Continuing Supply  
            - BC-05-19-11-39
adobe pdf icon - RFP for Civil Engineering Services, Continuing Supply  
            - BC-03-17-11-25
adobe pdf icon - Temporary Labor Services, Continuing Services, Annual Contract  
            - BC-05-12-11-38
adobe pdf icon - RFP for Emergency Medical Services Patient Accounts Receivable 
            - BC-03-10-11-11  
adobe pdf icon - ITB for Lake Munson Dam Rehabilitation  
            - BC-04-28-11-34   
adobe pdf icon - Lawndale Road Drainage Improvements and Buck Lake Road 
        Intersection Improvements 
            - BC-04-29-11-35   
adobe pdf icon - Storm Water Management Facility No. 6 Modifications  
            - BC-02-18-11-18   
adobe pdf icon - RFQ for Fairgrounds Redevelopment Feasibility Assessment 
            - BC-11-18-10-07     (Real Estate InSync - February 22, 2011)
            - BC-11-18-10-07  (Real Estate InSync - March 4, 2011)   
adobe pdf icon - Custodial Services for Group 2, Libraries; and Group 4, Other 
        Buildings, Continuing Service
            - BC-11-23-10-06   
adobe pdf icon - The Robert and Steven Clinic HVAC Improvements 
             - BC-10-28-10-03   
adobe pdf icon - Advertisement of L.C. 2010 Delinquent Tax  
            - BC-11-17-10-01