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  Tim Barden, Grants Coordinator

Exploring and Obtaining Grants in Support of Leon County's Interests

Goal Statement: To effectively serve the residents of Leon County providing leadership, coordination, and assistance to divisions to facilitate the delivery of services consistent with the Board’s policy.  This will ensure that divisions receive the resources, guidance, and support needed to provide superior services in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Contact Tim Barden850.606.5113

Grants 301 S Monroe St.
Tallahassee, Fl 32301
FAX: 850-606-5101

Grants explores and pursues federal, state, and private sector grant funding opportunities in furthering the priorities of the community.  Community partnership is important to the division’s day-today functions.  Partnerships with organizations such as the United Way of the Big Bend have assisted in leveraging financial, technical, and human capital to draw attention to the community priorities at the federal, state, and local level.

Grants functions include:

•    In 2012, the Grants Division applied for numerous grants and managed grants that addressed issues as diverse as law enforcement support, hazard mitigation, disaster preparedness, and homelessness.

•    In the utilization of the various available grant research tools, this division often discovers grant opportunities that, although not a County activity, could positively impact the community as a whole.  In these situations, the division reaches out to the appropriate entity, be it another governmental entity or a non-profit entity to inform them of the opportunity.

•    To improve the overall grant research/design/submittal process, this division also developed a Grants Standard Operating Procedures manual.