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Property Locator

Tallahassee-Leon County GIS
You can use the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program to research your parcel ID number. Search by address, owner or parcel number.

Leon County Property Appraiser - Links to the Property Search page, where you can search by address, parcel number or by name.

Zoning Atlas
If you have your parcel number, you can use it to find your zoning designation. The first two digits of your parcel ID are your township and the second two digits are your section.

Land Yet to Be Developed
The Tallahassee-Leon County GIS shows every parcel in the county. By zooming in to the map, you can find parcels that have not yet been developed. These are shown as empty areas on the map. You can cross-reference this parcels with the zoning map above.

The Tallahassee-Leon County Comprehensive Plan is available online from the City of Tallahassee.