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The Permitting Process Explained

Our process overview will take you step by step through the permitting process you will need to complete your project. Select one of the following to find out more.

Online permits
Properly licensed contractors can apply for and obtain certain simpler permits that do not require plan review prior to issuance, such as replacement of siding, windows, doors, and pool liners.  Any interested party can check the status of a permit or research permits online.

Building Permits
For construction, alteration, demolition of any building or structure.

Environmental Permits
For stormwater management, floodplain, landscaping, tree protection or removal, etc.

Site Plan and Subdivision Review
All developments are reviewed according to their scope. Find out which review process applies to your development, and how long it will take.

Septic Systems
The Leon County Health Department, Division of Environmental Health, provides septic system permitting and inspection services. While this Health Department division is not a part of the Leon County, Department of Development Support & Environmental Management Department, its office is co-located in the Leon County Development Support & Environmental Management offices in the Renaissance Building at 435 N. Macomb Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32301 (Phone 850-606-8350).