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What Is the Code Enforcement Board?

(The authority for the code enforcement process is in Chapter 162 of the Florida Statutes.)

The Code Enforcement Board (CEB) is a quasi-judicial body --meaning "like court" -- which hears and adjudicates cases involving code violations as identified and prosecuted by various county agencies. There are seven (7) members on the CEB. They are all residents of Leon County who volunteer without compensation. Each member is appointed by a County Commissioner and serves a three-year term.

If an owner/occupant is found guilty of a violation, the CEB establishes a time frame in which the violations must be corrected, and a penalty for failure to correct the violation. Florida Statute authorizes the CEB to impose a penalty of up to $250 per day, per violation, and up to $500 per day, per violation for repeat violations. In addition, the CEB may authorize putting a lien on a property and initiate foreclosure proceedings.


Often the best way to solve a problem is to become part of the solution. You can help make Leon County a cleaner, safer community by sponsoring a neighborhood community event. Become active in your neighborhood or homeowners’ association. If you don’t have one, think about organizing one.

Sometimes people violate County codes because they do not realize what they are doing is not acceptable, or is a violation. Most people want to comply with the laws of the community where they live, but some do not. Reporting violations is important to the overall quality of life in our community.


Over the next few months, take a close look at what the department is doing in the community. We want your suggestions on how we can improve our service to you. If we are doing something right, we want to know. Feel free to contact our Code Compliance Program and request a customer service survey.