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What Happens After You File A Complaint

It is policy that the Code Compliance Program attempt to resolve citizen complaints to the satisfaction of those concerned, while providing a quick and effective process to abate violations of the code. Every effort will be made to achieve a voluntary compliance concept.

Whenever enforcement action is deemed necessary, appropriate measures will be taken as allowed by law. All complaints are processed as quickly as possible (generally within 48 hours).

However, "life threatening" or "public hazard" type complaints receive priority. Processing time limits may vary depending upon applicable ordinances and other restrictions of the law. All complaints, regardless of nature, are validated by a County code enforcement inspector.

Frivolous or unfounded complaints will not be processed.


  • Complaint is received and becomes public record.

  • Staff verifies the owner and the address of the property.

  • The complaint is routed to the appropriate division for inspection (generally within 48 hours).

  • An Enforcement Inspector verifies if a code violation exists and reports it back to the Code Compliance staff.

  • If the complaint is VALID, an official "NOTICE OF VIOLATION" letter is sent to the owner or occupant of the property via certified mail, with a return receipt.  This letter gives a minimum time frame for the owner/occupant to come into compliance (If the complaint is not valid, it is logged as Invalid) An owner/occupant can request an extension of time. If necessary, an extension is granted. We want voluntary compliance.

  • If the owner/occupant makes no contact, no attempt to fix the violation, and the "NOTICE OF VIOLATION" letter is ignored, the property will be posted, or the property owner/occupant will be served by the Sheriff’s Department.  If compliance is not achieved by this time, the case will be referred to the Code Enforcement Board for resolution