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Development Services

Ryan Culpepper Ryan Culpepper Director
Development Services

Site Plan and Subdivision Review

The mission of the Division of Development Services is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the community by ensuring that all development activities comply with adopted land development regulations, including zoning, design, site plan, and subdivision standards and regulations.  This is done through the site plan and subdivision review process.

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 Recently, the Board of County Commissioners adopted a Two-Track site plan review process in an effort to expedite review and permitting for Types A, B, and C level site plans.  The Two-Track process provides for a Final Design Plan Approval  (FDPA) track or a Concept Plan Approval (CPA) track.  For a summary of the Two-Track review process, please click here.

Different projects require different levels of review, based on factors including, but not limited to, scale of the project and zoning.  For a complete list of the site plan review levels and their associated thresholds, please click here.

For a brief summary of the various levels of review, please click on the corresponding link below:  

Leon County accepts and reviews site and development plan applications submitted electronically.  One hard copy (original) set of application materials and plans, with all necessary professional seals and signatures, is required - in addition to the electronic submittal.

Please be informed that site and development plans have requisites that must be satisfied prior to making an application.  Applications will not be placed on an application review meeting agenda until such time all necessary information is provided and fees have been collected.  Due to requirements for public notice, including advertising of the application review meeting, applications shall be submitted in accordance with the site plan submittal deadlines.

To initiate the submittal process, an applicant can submit some general information about the proposed development by clicking on the link below.  Once the information is confirmed, the applicant will receive an email invitation (login and password) to a project specific number that is assigned by Development Services and implemented through the web-based application, Project Dox.  At this time, the applicant will have the ability to upload all materials and when the submittal is determined complete, the application will be scheduled on the next available application review meeting agenda.  The Project Dox web-based application recognizes many different file types and extensions (i.e., .pdf, .dwg, .tif, etc.).  For additional information, please contact Development Services at 850-606-1300.

Please be advised that, according to Florida Statute 197.192, all property taxes shall be paid prior to the final approval and recording by the Clerk of Court in the public records of the County any proposed subdivision of land, or declaration of condominium of land.  Therefore, tax receipts or other documentation from the Leon County Tax Collector's Office must be provided with an application submittal to demonstrate compliance.  Should you have any questions regarding compliance with this Statute, please contact the Leon County Tax Collector's Office at 850-488-4735.

Some projects are exempt from site plan review.  Please click on the following link for more information to determine if you qualify for an exempt subdivision:

Click here to initiate the site plan application submittal process (Type A - D).  Please provide the following information: Applicant Name, Parcel Identification number, Type of Project (Type A - D), applicable review track - Final Design Plan Approval Track (FDPA) or Concept Plan Approval Track (CPA), and approved Permitted Use Verification Certificate (PUV).

To avoid delays in the submittal process, please follow the naming and uploading procedures outlined in the Project Dox "Uploading of Files and Naming of Documents" form.

Site and Development Plan
Review Levels and Incentives Brochure

Now available for your convenience:  electronic document recording.
Ask a Service Advisor about this time saving option.