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Contact Development Support and Environmental Management



Director of the Department of Development Support and Environmental Management

David McDevitt

Chief Development Resources Officer

Barry Wilcox

Director of Permit & Code Services

Emma Smith

Acting Director of Building Plans Review and Inspection

Luther Gunter

Director of Development Services

Ryan Culpepper

Director of Environmental Services

John Kraynak

Department of Development Support and Environmental Management
435 North Macomb Street, 2nd Floor
Tallahassee, FL  32301
(850) 606-1300
Fax (850) 606-1301
(Open M,Tu,Th and Fri. 8-5 Wed. 9:30-5)

For general questions, or if you are unsure which division you need to contact with your question, please email:

Building Inspection

(850) 606-1300

Scheduling Building Inspections

(850) 891-1800

Environmental Services

(850) 606-1300

HRS/Leon County Environmental Health

(850) 606-8350

Property Appraiser

(850) 488-6102

Leon County Public Works

(850) 606-1500

Code Compliance

(850) 606-1300


(850) 891-6400

City of Tallahassee Growth Management

(850) 891-7001