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Request an Online Building Permit

To request an Online Building Permit:

Provide the following information in the E-Mail Link below:

1.  Parcel ID Number

2. Primary Contractor License Number

3. Residential/Commercial

4. Type of Work (Examples; New, Addition, Alteration, Repair...)

5. Class of Building (Examples; Single Family, Mobile Home, Store, Restaurant, Shed....)

6. Your Name and e-mail address to use for processing the application if different than the current address

7. For single-family building permits, please also include a copy of your completed building permit application.

Start Building Permit E-Mail Link

An invitation e-mail will be sent to you to upload the associated documents to the project (see list below)

Documents to enter and File Names to use:

Building Permit Application:  BPAPP.pdf  Online Form provided BPAPP

Driveway Application:  DW-SP.pdf

Flood Letter Certification Form: FLC.pdf

Notice of Commencement: NOC.pdf

Wind Load Analysis Form:  WLA.pdf  Online Form provided WLA

Energy Efficiency Form:  EFF.pdf

Building Construction Plans:  BCP.pdf (if inclusive of all plans)

          A. BCP-Building.pdf

          B. BCP-Mechanical.pdf

          C. BCP-Gas.pdf

          D. BCP-Truss.pdf

          E. SBR.pdf (Soil Boring Report)

   Building Construction Site Plan:  BCSP.pdf

Other Documents
Items listed below are not required for initial submittal, but may be requested to complete permit review.

          A. BCP-Foundation.pdf

          B. ACC-Ltr.pdf  (HOA Letter)

Demolition Permit Forms
Includes aquifer checklist, asbestos removal form and FDEP Notice of Demolition)

          A. Demo-Pkt.pdf