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FAQs General Building Questions

When is a building permit required?
The Florida Building Code, which is utilized by Leon County and throughout all of Florida requires a permit to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move or demolish or change the occupancy of any building or structure, or to install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace most electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing systems which are regulated by the technical codes. However, ordinary minor repairs may be made with the approval of the building official without a permit, provided such repairs are performed in compliance with the provisions of the technical codes.

What building code is used in Leon County and where can I purchase a copy of the Building Codes?
In Leon County we use the Florida Building Code along with the National Electrical Code. Copies of the Building Codes can be purchased from the International Code Congress based in Birmingham, Alabama, 1-800-786-4452.

How much does a Building Permit cost?
The cost of a building permit depends on the intended use, the size and sophistication of the building. A typical site built single family permit ranges from $800 to $1,200 and a mobile home permit is $220. There may be other fees charged depending on the nature of the project.

When are inspections required?
Generally speaking, all structural, electrical, mechanical and plumbing work must be inspected before concealment. If you are in doubt about whether an inspection is necessary, please review the building permit posted on the job site and/or call the Building Inspection Division at 606-1300 and seek clarification.

How do I request an inspection?
Inspection requests can be called into our automated inspection hotline at 891-1800, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will be prompted to provide the permit number and other related information. Inspection requests called in by 12:00 midnight will be made the following workday.

Minimum Housing

If I complain about my landlord, does that mean I don't have to pay rent, or that he cannot evict me?
The payment of rent and eviction are civil matters between the landlord and tenant. Any issues concerning them should be referred to the Division of Consumer Services, 488-2221, or Landlord/Tenant, 488-8550. However, when a Minimum Housing complaint is made, a Building Inspector will do an inspection of the premises according to Leon County Code Chapter 5 Minimum Housing Standards. The landlord/property owner will receive a letter advising him/her of any deficiencies regarding that code. The landlord will be provided a time-certain for bringing the deficiencies into compliance prior to pursuing additional enforcement action.

Manufactured Housing

Do I need a permit to put a manufactured home on my property? If so, how much will it cost and how long will it take?
Yes, a permit is required to place a manufactured home within Leon County. The permit process for an existing/replacement Manufactured Home can usually be issued within twenty-four (24) hours. New Manufactured Homes usually will take three (3) days.

The cost of a Manufactured Home Permit is:
Development Services..................$120.00
Septic System Permit...................$400.00
Driveway and Street Connection.....$ 82.24
Environmental Permit....................$372.00
Building Permit.............................$385.09

I have been told that Leon County recognizes two (2) types of manufactured housing. What are they and what is the difference?
Yes, Leon County recognizes two (2) distinct types of manufactured housing, the Standard Design Manufactured Home (SDMH) and the Residential Design Manufactured Home (RDMH). The RDMH requires: (a) a minimum width of 26 feet, as measured across the narrowest portion; (b) roof pitch, roof overhang, roofing materials and exterior finish similar to adjacent site built homes; and (c) a permanent foundation with wind resistant skirting. For more detailed information and permitting requirements please call Leon County Development Support and Environmental Management at (850) 606-1300.

I was told that my property is not properly zoned for Standard Design Manufactured Home. Do I have any options other than a site built home?
Yes, the Residential Design Manufactured Home (RDMH) can be placed in any zoning district which allows for site built homes. Special Notice: Prior to pursuing a building application for a RDMH, applicants should review any Deed Restrictions or Covenants which might prohibit the placement of the RDMH on a particular site. Applicants should be aware that Deed Restrictions or Covenants are private civil issues and therefore are not enforced or reviewed by the County. For more information on RDMH please call Leon County Development Support and Environmental Management at (850) 606-1300.

I am interested in purchasing a piece of property to place a manufactured home. How can I ensure that manufactured housing is allowed on that parcel?
To determine if the parcel is within a zoning district which allows manufactured housing call Leon County Development Services at (850) 606-1300. Be prepared to provide the duty officer with the Parcel or Tax ID number for the property.

What is a manufactured housing Land Use Determination? Why do I need one? How much does it cost?
The Manufactured Housing Land Use Determination is used to review the zoning for a particular parcel to judge whether manufactured housing is a permitted use. The Land Use Determination costs $100.00.

Can a manufactured home be used as a temporary residence while a site built home is being constructed?
Yes, a manufactured home may be used as a temporary residence incidental to construction or development of property for a residential use on which the manufactured home is located only during the time in which construction or development is actively underway and is limited to six (6) months. Such use is subject to the approval of Leon County Development Support and Environmental Management.

What are the limitations to getting a used manufactured home permitted in Leon County?
Mobile homes manufactured prior to June 15, 1976, that currently exist outside of Leon County, can not be permitted in Leon County.

Can a manufactured/mobile home be used for storage on a residential lot?
No, according to Leon County Code Chapter 10, Section 6.802(b)(2), which states that vehicles, including travel trailers, recreational vehicles, manufactured housing and mobile homes, shall not be used as storage buildings, utility buildings or other such uses. Therefore, an unoccupied manufactured home can not be parked or stored in a residential zoning district except in a completely enclosed structure.

Can I store a manufactured/mobile home on my property without a permit if I have no intentions of living in it, or tying it down?
Under most circumstances, the answer is no.  However, County Code allows for the storage of transient manufactured/mobile homes under certain zoning classifications.  Chapter 10, Section 7.402 requires that a Permitted Use Verification must be completed to see if the site can be legally used to store transient manufactured homes. Special Notice:  Chapter 10, Section 6.202(b) states that no building or other structure shall be erected, moved, added to, or structurally altered without proper permit approvals.

How Do I Get Rid of a Mobile Home That Is Not Legally on My Property?
This office is not allowed to recommend any specific removal service providers to citizens. However, staff suggests looking in the phone book yellow pages, under mobile homes, or salvage yards.