Upcoming Road Closure on Meridian Rd

Wednesday, April 29, 2020 | 

Beginning on May 11, 2020, Meridian Road between John Hancock Drive and Timberlane Road will be closed for construction improvements for approximately 10 weeks.  Since your church is within 2 miles of this construction site, your members may be affected by this change while construction is ongoing.  Would you be able to share this road closure information in your weekly announcements or email newsletter?

The primary purpose of the project is to address both water quality and historic flooding issues that impact the southeast area of Lake Jackson. Under existing conditions, rain water during storm events overtop Meridian Road and create hazardous roadway conditions. This flooding has caused Meridian Road to close 2 to 3 times annually.  By enhancing and replacing current infrastructure, this project will decrease the number of emergency road closures in the area due to flooding and help protect water quality at Lake Jackson.

More information as well as the detour route can be found at www.leoncountyfl.gov/meridian.  

For questions about the road closure, please email RoadClosures@LeonCountyFL.gov or call Leon County Public Works at (850) 606-1500.

Meridian Road Closure