Leon County Opens Emergency Detour to Aid Fort Braden Area

Thursday, October 12, 2017 | 

Leon County Opens Emergency Detour to Aid Fort Braden Area

In coordination with the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Leon County opened a new emergency detour route on Highway 20 West to serve the Fort Braden community. The emergency detour route ensures that citizens and first responders will have quick and secure area access if severe weather or other disasters close Highway 20 West.

Located between Joe Thomas Road West and Silver Lake Road, the emergency detour provides a more direct alternate route that is 15 miles shorter than the previous detour route.

“This detour route ensures the safety of the citizens of Highway 20,” said Leon County District 2 Commissioner Jimbo Jackson. “This project will drastically shorten the distance motorists and emergency services have to travel in the event of a road closure or emergency. And will also serve as an alternate emergency evacuation route during natural disasters.”

Known as the Forest Road 301 project, the improvements include stabilizing the roadway with a mix of sand-clay, pulling ditches to avoid flooding of the roadway, and installing cross-drains where to convey for stormwater.

“Leon County’s partnership with the U.S. Forest Service creates a new detour for area citizens during times of need,” said Leon County Administrator Vincent S. Long. “Being regularly maintained allows this roadway to serve our County year round.”

In order for the road to be accessible for smaller vehicles and cars, Leon County will continue monthly road maintenance. The maintenance ensures the roads will be in good condition for regular vehicle traffic.

For more information, contact Tony Park, Director of Leon County Public Works, at (850) 606-1500 / ParkT@LeonCountyFL.gov or Mathieu Cavell, Leon County Community and Media Relations, at (850) 606-5300 / cmr@LeonCountyFL.gov .


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