Leon County Commissioner Nick Maddox Accomplished Much for Home Rule as President of FAC

Wednesday, June 10, 2020 | 

This message is provided on behalf of the Florida Association of Counties. 


Leon County Commissioner Nick Maddox Accomplished Much for Home Rule as President of FAC

 As President, Maddox helped defeat a vacation rental preemption, promote added federal funding and led the organization during COVID-19


LEON COUNTY, FL – Leon County Commissioner Nick Maddox ended his term as President for the Florida Association of Counties (FAC) today. Commissioner Maddox will continue to serve on the Association’s Executive Committee as Immediate Past President for another year and will continually have a position on their Board of Directors while he is in local office.

"I am proud of what the organization has accomplished during my time as President,” said Commissioner Maddox. “This past year, Florida’s counties have withstood hurricanes, legislative overreach, and now a global health pandemic while still providing the essential services and needs of our communities.”

As President, Commissioner Maddox oversaw the Association by directing policy, advocacy, and administrative functions.

"Much like his days on the football field, Commissioner Maddox served as an excellent leader for our organization,” said FAC Executive Director, Ginger Delegal. “We look forward to having his keen perspective as Immediate Past President and as a member of our Board of Directors.” 


Legislative Advocacy

FAC, under Maddox’s leadership, largely defeated most of the attacks on home rule during the 2020 Legislative Session. Most notably, the preemption on vacation rentals and on professional and occupational licensing.

The Association also saw the passage of some long-standing legislative priorities including rural broadband access, a substantial economic development package, and the expansion of affordable housing zoning capabilities.

To the later priority, Maddox participated on a panel before a Senate committee to discuss the current issues facing affordable housing as well as ways to improve the shortage in Florida.


Federal Advocacy

While President, attendance at the Association’s annual Federal Fly-In was at a record high – more than double the attendance from the year before.

Commissioner Maddox alongside other Florida county commissioners met with key congressional members including Senator Rick Scott, Senator Marco Rubio, Congressman Soto, Congressman Mast, Congresswoman Mucarsel-Powell, and Congresswoman Murphy.

In addition, Maddox and attendees met with staff from the following agencies and legislative committees: FEMA; the Small Business Administration; the Federal Communications Commission; Veteran's Affairs; House Transportation Committee; House Energy and Commerce Committee; House Natural Resources Committee; House Ways and Means Committee; and the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Additionally, outside of the Federal Fly-In, Commissioner Maddox worked jointly with the Florida League of Cities President, Isaac Salver, to lobby Congress on key provisions for inclusion in the reauthorization of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Their letters were sent to the entire Florida federal delegation.



FAC annually host an event in Commissioner Maddox’s home county, Leon County, during the height of the Legislative Session, but this year, the Association also visited nearby Bay County for their 2020 Innovation & Policy Conference.

As part of the conference, Maddox volunteered with the Catholic Charities of Northwest Florida to help with the recovery efforts in the Panhandle following Hurricane Michael. Volunteers removed fallen debris and performed minor repairs to the homes of residents.



Towards the end of his presidential term, Commissioner Maddox found himself leading the organization during an unprecedented global health pandemic. Member counties looked to Maddox and the Association as they began to navigate this new landscape and its widespread consequences.

Under Maddox’s leadership, the Association launched a real-time dashboard which tracked counties responses to the pandemic, including closures, state of emergencies, and additional policies and ordinances.

As counties suffered major losses in revenue from a lack of sales tax collection, Commissioner Maddox lobbied for federal funds for Florida’s counties, writing to U.S. House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, and Florida’s federal delegation.

The Association looked to him and the other members of the Executive Committee to provide direction for their upcoming Annual Conference, which out of an abundance of caution was cancelled by Maddox and the Executive Committee while portions of the event were switched to a virtual format.

Founded in 1929, the Florida Association of Counties has represented the diverse interests of Florida’s counties, emphasizing the importance of protecting home rule – the concept that communities and their local leaders should make the decisions that impact their community.  The Florida Association of Counties helps counties effectively serve and represent Floridians by strengthening and preserving county home rule through advocacy, education and collaboration.