25th Anniversary Celebration of the LeRoy Collins Main Library

25 years ago, Leon County Government opened the doors to the LeRoy Collins Main Library which continues to enrich the community by inspiring a love of reading and a life of learning. Since 1991, over 14 million patrons have visited the LeRoy Collins Main Library and checked out over 23 million materials, which includes not only books, but magazines, movies and more.

To recognize the importance of County libraries, Leon County Government will host a daylong celebration in honor of the 25th Anniversary of the LeRoy Collins Main Library (200 West Park Ave.) on Saturday, February 13 from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Leon County invites the community to enjoy an open house with tours, displays of best-selling books from 1991 to 2015, memorabilia, a scavenger hunt for all ages, storytime reunion and musical entertainment throughout the day. Patrons are also encouraged to come dressed as a storybook, movie or anime character.

The Spring 2016 Seed Library will also be launched on February 13 and will include a live cooking demonstration. The launch will also feature experts from Leon County Cooperative Extension, who will teach attendees about starting their own garden, harvesting produce and preparing delicious seasonal recipes. Use your library card to get sample-size packets of vegetable seeds to grow in your garden or in containers.

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LeRoy Collins Leon County Main Library 25th Anniversary Video