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Strategic Team for Amphitheater Grand Entertainment (STAGE)


This committee is a focus group that develops guidelines for the Capital Cascades Stage and Concert Series at the Amphitheater and provides input to the Division of Tourism Development in regards to:
- Developing a booking policy that will reserve certain priority dates for a maximum of ten (10) Capital Cascades Stage & Concert Series events annually.
- Coordinating a master calendar for the Capital Cascades Stage & Concert Servies events.
- Exploring various musical and performance genres.
- Developing community-oriented and other cultural programming.
- Developing a plan for concert and event times for the Capital Cascades Stage & Concert Series.
- Developing a plan and procedure for special exceptions to Amphitheater hours of operation.
- Developing a plan to address concerns, if any, of adjacent neighborhoods.
- Performing a quarterly review of Amphitheater operation concerning all activity related to the Capital Cascades Stage & Concert Series events.
- Recommending whether earned profits from the Capital Cascades Stage & Concert Series, if any, should be expended for Amphitheater capital improvements and costs related to marketing the Amphitheater to attact performers and visitors for the Capital Cascades Stage & Concert Series.

The City Manager and County Administrator, acting jointly, are authorized to enhance or revise the membership and responsibilities of the STAGE Committee as needed. 

Created By:
Interlocal Agreement dated July 11, 2013, First Amended and Restated Interlocal, dated April 12, 2016
Resolution No. 13-25 dated July 9, 2013
TYPE: Focus Group in accordance with Policy No. 03-15
Dissolved by the Board of County Commissioners on April 4, 2017. 

Eight members to serve as a Focus Group:
1. Director of the Leon County Division of Tourism Development;
2. Director of the City's Department of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Affairs;
3. Representative from the Cultivate Cascades Initiative Team of the Knight Creative Communities Institute (KCCI)
4. Representative appointed by the Myers Park Neighborhood Association;
5. Representative appointed by the Woodland Neighborhood Association;
6. Representative from Seven Days of Opening Nights at Florida State University;
7. Representative from the Lyceum Series at Florida A&M University.
8. Director of the Downtown Improvement Authority

Representative members are appointed by their respective organizations. 

Two-year terms for the following five members:
- KCCI Rep
- Myers Park Neighborhood Association Rep
- Woodland Drives Neighborhood Association Rep
- FSU Seven Day of Opening Nights Rep
- FAMU Lyceum Series Rep
The above two-year term members appointed by the organizations, may be reappointed by those organizations or a new member may be appointed at the end of their two-year term.

The following three members are permanent members:
- Director of Leon County Division of Toursm Development
- Director of the City's Dept. of Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Affairs
- Director of the Downtown Improvement Authority 

Eligibility Criteria:
See member titles/categories in Appointments above. 

Meeting schedule correlates to Amphitheater events. 

Type of Report:
Recommendations provided to the Leon County Department of Tourism Development. 

Contact Person/Staff:
Brian Hickey
Dept. of Tourism Development
106 E. Jefferson St.
Tallahassee, FL 32301
(850) 606-2313
Email: hickeyb@leoncountyfl.gov