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Loan Of Library Materials

Policy No. 98-12

Effective Date: April 8, 2014

The LeRoy Collins Leon County Public Library provides the free lending of library materials to eligible borrowers in accordance with Chapter 257, Florida Statutes.

Procedures for Implementing Loan of Library Materials Policy

  1. Loan periods and the maximum number of items that can be borrowed vary by material type. They are:
Loan Period Material Type Maximum Number
7 days Magazines
21 days Books*
Video cassettes
Audio cassettes
Compact discs (CDs)
Other Materials (by type)
* **
Varies Audio-Visual Equipment As determined
by Library
  1. Loan periods and maximum numbers may be revised by the Library Director, with the approval of the County Administrator, to meet changing needs for library service.

* Books borrowed on interlibrary loan are due the date indicated by the lending library and the maximum number of interlibrary loan items may not exceed the parameters set forth in the Library’s circulation system.

* No maximum on the number of books. However, the cumulative value of the books checked out may not exceed the parameters as set forth in the Library's Circulation System.