Florida History Day

Search Tips

  • Start simple with basic words.
  • Add more description or try synonyms as needed.
  • Try the advanced search options to focus your search.
  • Ignore any ads!
  • Not finding any good results? Try a different website or resource.

Evaluating Sources

  • Authority
    • Who owns the website?
    • Who wrote the information?
    • Are they qualified?
    • What are their credentials?
    • Are they selling something?
    • Are they biased?
  • Accuracy
    • Is it fact or opinion?
    • Is the information provided verifiable?
    • Are sources, references, or citations listed?
    • What evidence is there for the claims being made?
  • Currency
    • When was the website last updated?
    • How does that affect the topic?

Helpful Research Links

Works Cited Help