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Library Program

Leon County recognizes that volunteers are essential to the productivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of government. The County encourages and welcomes individuals and groups to become partners in public service by volunteering in county departments.

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Volunteering for the library system can be very rewarding. If you'd like to commit to our program, please apply .

Benefits to the Volunteer

  • Free Parking for Volunteers
  • Discounts on Purchasing Books
  • Friendshop Discount
  • Credit for Bright Futures
  • Work Experience and Networking

You may view a complete list of Library Opportunities by clicking here


To be eligible, you must meet the following program requirements:

  • Make a service commitment of at least three months
  • Volunteer for one shift per week
  • Agree to attend an orientation at the Volunteer Services offices, located at 918 Railroad Avenue
  • Be at least twelve years old to serve in the main library, and at least twelve years old to serve at the library branches


Volunteers are required to maintain strict confidentially in regards to any information they contact during their volunteer job. Also, volunteers are prohibited from using information not available to the public and obtained by reason of their volunteer positions for the personal benefit of themselves or others.

A manual will be distributed to each volunteer during orientation which will outline program expectations and important details, such as the dress code, or what to do with personal belongings. Please review the manual after your orientation and contact the volunteer coordinator with any questions.




To find library location closest to you, please check this map


Please note, volunteer opportunities do not always exist at branches closest to where you live. If at all possible, please be flexible in your library assignments. However, you will not be assigned to a location that is inconvenient or inaccessible to you.

Application Process

The life cycle of an application looks something like this:

  • Submit an application
  • Every two weeks, the volunteer coordinator downloads all pending applications
  • After reviewing and processing, some applications are contacted for an orientation
  • During the scheduled orientation, the volunteer coordinator discusses policies and procedures, in addition to the referral process
  • Completed application is referred to a volunteer supervisor by email (PDF attachment), and the volunteer is copied onto that e-mail
  • Volunteer supervisor contacts volunteer to setup a first day training and site orientation
  • Volunteer service begins

As you see, the application process can be somewhat lengthy, but it is an effort to provide the volunteer with the best opportunity possible in the most professional way possible.

The orientation introduces a new volunteer to the mission and vision of Leon County's Volunteer Services. In addition, the volunteer coordinator explains critical policies and procedures that dictate the LeRoy Collins Public Library System's volunteer program.

Adult volunteers will be required to complete a national background release. Youth volunteers must complete a service contract, on which a parent must also sign. A manual will be given to each volunteer outlining program details.


Apply Now

Volunteering for the library system can be very rewarding. If you'd like to commit to our program, please apply .