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Residential PACE Financing

Leon County PACE  What is PACE?

Property Assessed Clean Energy, or PACE, is a financing tool that enables business owners and homeowners to lower their utility bills and increase their buildings' energy efficiency. The program uses approved third party administrators that provide funding for the improvements, with repayment, through a special non-ad valorem assessment levied on the property, with the property owners repaying financing annually through their property tax bill. The PACE program removes the barriers of high upfront costs for energy efficiency and weatherization upgrades while also allowing property owners to reduce their carbon footprint.

What kind of upgrades can be used with PACE financing?

  • Heating/Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Water pumps
  • Insulation
  • Solar Panels
  • Motors
  • Roof
  • Wind Resistance

Why Choose PACE?

Residential Property Assessed Clean Energy, or PACE, is a financing tool that homeowners can use for energy efficiency and weatherization upgrades.

PACE financing allows homeowners to make residential energy efficiency, solar and wind resistance improvements while paying for upgrades over time through their property tax bill. Leon County is one of the first to launch the program in Florida with Florida Development Finance Corporation and Renovate America, one of the largest providers of PACE home improvement financing in the nation.

  • No upfront costs.
  • Energy savings realized through upgrades.
  •  Payments rolled into special tax assessment made payable once a year.
  •  Assessment is attached to home and may be transferred upon sale.
  • Fixed interest rate for length of financing term.
  • Long payback period.
  • Increases property value.

Leon County PACE  For Homeowners

Are you a homeowner interested in PACE financing? Follow these five simple steps:

  1. Choose your project - Work with an energy auditor or licensed contractor to identify projects that are eligible for PACE financing.
  2. Select a PACE provider - For a list of PACE providers and other resources, visit www.RenovateAmerica.com.
  3. Identify a contractor - Only PACE certified contractors can complete a PACE financing project. Visit www.RenovateAmerica.com for a list of contractors.
  4. Complete application - Work with your PACE provider to complete an application to see if you and your project qualifies.
  5. Conduct project and verify satisfaction - Your contractor will not be paid until you have confirmed that you are completely satisfied with the project.

Leon County PACE For Vendors

Are you a vendor interested in becoming a registered PACE vendor?

  1. Visit www.fdfcpace.com and select a PACE provider - vendors can be registered for more than one provider.
  2. Contact the provider and indicate interest.
  3. Register and complete certification process.
  4. Identify a homeowner project that qualifies for PACE financing and refer him or her to a provider.
  5. Complete project. 
  6. Get paid!

For more information about residential PACE, and to find out if you're eligible for PACE financing in Leon County, please visit the Florida Development Finance Corporation (FDFC) page.
Leon County FDFC

For more information about Renovate America, visit www.RenovateAmerica.com

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