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Citizen Engagement Series

Leon County has a long history of promoting citizen involvement to guide policy and shape our community. Since 2012, the nationally-recognized Citizen Engagement Series has provided greater opportunities to build trust through meaningful engagement. The Citizen Engagement Series sessions enhance transparency and convey the relevance of County government through immersive hands-on exercises that offer a glimpse into the decision making process that shape the community.

Citizen Series Engagement sessions are open to all Leon County residents; however, available space is usually limited. Those interested are encouraged to complete the application below either online or by calling (850) 606-5300.

The Leon County Citizen Engagement Series
“Destination Leon County: Promoting Events, Attracting Visitors, Creating Jobs”
October 21, 2014
6 p.m.
Hotel Duval
Horizon Grand Ballroom
415 North Monroe Street

This session offers insight into Leon County Tourism Division’s operation and partnerships that market and promote our community as a destination for visitors. The session also invites participants to share ideas on creating the “Next Big Event” that draw visitors to Leon County.