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Pre-Bid Attendance Sheet

adobe pdf icon - BC-07-01-14-44  Partial Roof @ the Leon County Jail
adobe pdf icon - BC-05-27-14-34  L.C. Sheriff's Dept. Heliport Concrete Pad Improvements
adobe pdf icon - BC-06-17-14-33  Consultant Services for the Development of the State Expenditure Plan Required by the RESTORE ACT
adobe pdf icon - BC-05-06-14-28  Tourism Related Advertising, Promotional, & Public Relations Services
adobe pdf icon - BC-03-20-14-26 Apalachee Regional Park Drainage Improvements
adobe pdf icon - BC-03-18-14-24  RFP for Solid Waste Consulting & Engineering Services
adobe pdf icon - BC-02-20-14-21  Deer Lane Drainage Improvements
adobe pdf icon - BC-02-27-14-22  Fred George Greenway Museum & Nature Center Renovations
adobe pdf icon - BC-02-27-14-11  Leon County Jail Renovations
adobe pdf icon - BC-01-23-14-17  BOA Building Waterproofing, Re-Bid
adobe pdf icon - BC-12-10-13-15  Combined Bidding of Bids (08 Re-Roofing and 09 Waterproofing) of Bank of America Building
adobe pdf icon - BC-11-21-13-08  Bank of America Building Re-Roofing
adobe pdf icon - BC-11-14-13-09  BOA Building Waterproofing
adobe pdf icon - BC-11-05-13-10 Sheriff's Office Envelope Repairs
adobe pdf icon - BC-10-31-13-07  Lake Jackson Town Center @ Huntington Oaks Roof
adobe pdf icon - BC-11-07-13-06  Miccosukee Road Signing & Pavement Marking
adobe pdf icon - BC-10-30-13-05 Asphaltic Concrete Materials & Services, CS
adobe pdf icon - BC-10-15-13-02  Southbrook & Killearn Lakes Unit #3 Drainage Improvements
adobe pdf icon - BC-10-01-13-01 Louvinia Drive & Portsmouth Circle Drainage Improvements
adobe pdf icon - BC-09-19-13-67  Miccosukee Greenway Trail, Phase II
adobe pdf icon - BC-08-29-13-62  Lauder Pond Improvements
adobe pdf icon - BC-08-22-13-50  Miccosukee Road Signing & Pavement Marking
adobe pdf icon - BC-08-15-13-61  Apalachee Regional Park Median Relocation
adobe pdf icon - BC-07-02-13-53  Chaires Community Park Improvements Project
adobe pdf icon - BC-05-30-13-48  Renovations of 7th Floor, Bank of America Building
adobe pdf icon - BC-05-30-13-44  Miccosukee Community Park Improvements
adobe pdf icon - BC-05-23-13-49  Talpeco Road Turn Lane Addition
 - BC-05-16-13-43  Edinburgh Estates Drainage Improvements
 - BC-05-23-13-41 Courthouse Elevator Upgrades No. 1-2
 - BC-05-16-13-42  Caulk & Weather Seal @ the Leon County Jail
 - BC-05-02-13-39  Resurfacing of Tennis Courts @ Chaires Community Park
 - BC-04-25-13-36  Meridian Road & Rhoden Cove Road Intersection Improvements
 - BC-04-18-13-35 New Fire Alarm System - Courthouse
 - BC-04-23-13-34  Sidewalk Construction
 - BC-03-28-13-28  Roof Coating @ Leon County courthouse
 - BC-03-21-13-31 Apalachee Regional Park Stormwater Mitigation
 - BC-03-19-13-29  Lafayette Street, Phase II
 - BC-03-14-13-27  Killearn Lakes Drainage Project
 - BC-01-23-13-21 Transfer Station Operation & Management
 - BC-01-23-13-20  Solid Waste Collection Services for Leon County
 - BC-12-20-12-22  Re-Roofing of Leon County Jail Annex
 - BC-11-15-12-15 Library Parking Lot Entrance Automation 
 - BC-11-15-12-02  Lafayette Street Design-Build Project
 - BC-11-06-12-12   Parking Lot Improvements & Huntington Oaks
 - BC-10-30-12-08 Fairbanks Ferry Emergency Access.pdf
  - BC-10-11-12-03  Lakeside Drive Drainage Improvements
 - BC-07-17-12-52  Okeeheepkee Prairie Eco Restoration Planting.pdf
 - BC-06-21-12-49  Bannerman Road & Bull Headley Intersection Improvements
 - BC-06-12-12-66  BOA Building Stairwell, Elevator Shaft & General Building Pressurization
 - BC-05-24-12-64  BOA Building Fire Pump Replacement
 - BC-05-31-12-63  Springhill Road Bridge Embankment Repair Project
 - BC-05-03-12-62  Housing Rehabilitation, Group 2012-7
 - BC-04-24-12-47  BOA  Building, 7th Floor HVAC Renovations
 - BC-04-12-12-46  Brushy Creek Culvert Replacement
 - BC-03-22-12-40  Housing Rehabilitation, Group 2012-6
 - BC-03-15-12-39  Mobile Home Replacement
 - BC-03-08-12-38  Home Replacement, 2012-B
 - BC-03-08-12-37  Housing Rehabilitation, Group 2012-5
 - BC-03-01-12-35  Housing Rehabilitation, Group 2012-4
 - BC-02-29-12-36  Terre Bonne Culvert Crossing & Pavement Replacement Project
 - BC-02-21-12-28   Air Handlers 11 & 12 Replacement, Leon County Courthouse
 - BC-02-14-12-27  Re-Roofing of Courthouse Annex
 - BC-02-17-12-30  Killearn Acres Subdivision Middle Basin Drainage
 - BC-01-24-12-23  Salamanca and Palencia Stormwater Enhancement Project
 - BC-12-13-11-24  Magnolia Drive & Lafayette Street Intersection Improvements
 - BC-11-17-11-21  Housing Rehabilitation, Group 2012-3
 - BC-11-03-11-17  Home Replacement
 - BC-11-01-11-11  Ben Boulevard Infrastructure Improvements
 - BC-10-25-11-12  Housing Rehabilitation, Group 2012-2
adobe pdf icon - BC-10-26-11-10  Sharer Road Outfall Stabilization
adobe pdf icon - BC-10-25-11-09  LC Courthouse Parking Garage Sprinkler System Upgrades
adobe pdf icon - BC-10-11-11-08  L.C. Sustainable Demonstration Center - Electrical
adobe pdf icon - BC-10-11-11-07  L.C. Sustainable Demonstration Center - Geothermal Loop HVAC System
adobe pdf icon - BC-10-11-11-06  L.C. Sustainable Demonstration Center - Steel Support Structure for Photovoltaic Array
adobe pdf icon - BC-10-04-11-57  Selena Road Roadway Project
adobe pdf icon - BC-10-12-11-02  Lake Jackson Branch Library, Community Center & Huntington Oaks Renovations
adobe pdf icon - BC-09-29-11-58  Asphaltic Concrete Materials & Services, Continuing Services
adobe pdf icon - BC-09-22-11-60  Grounds Services, Leon County Facilities Managemen
adobe pdf icon - BC-08-30-11-52  Chaires Fire Station Addition
adobe pdf icon - BC-08-02-11-41 Timber Lake Storm Water Enhancement Project
adobe pdf icon - BC-07-12-11-47  Storm Water Pond Maintenance, Annual Contract
adobe pdf icon - BC-06-30-11-45  Leon County Courthouse Window & Parapet Wall Flashing
adobe pdf icon - BC-06-30-11-42  Custodial Services, Group 3; Continuing Services
adobe pdf icon - BC-06-09-11-43  Revisions for Portable Clinics, Southside Health Clinic


adobe pdf icon - BC-05-19-11-40  ITB for Fonvielle Farms Control Structure
adobe pdf icon - BC-04-26-11-36  ITB for Housing Rehabilitation, Group 2011-2
adobe pdf icon - BC-04-26-11-31  Leon County Courthouse, Judicial Section, Elevator Upgrades, No's 6 & 7
adobe pdf icon - BC-04-29-11-35  Lawndale Road Drainage Improvements & Buck Lake Road Intersection Improvements
adobe pdf icon - BC-04-28-11-34  Lake Munson Dam Rehabilitation
adobe pdf icon - BC-04-07-11-32  RFP for Home Replacement, Group 2011-B
adobe pdf icon - BC-03-15-11-27  RFP for Home Replacement, Group 2011-A
adobe pdf icon - BC-03-10-11-24  Housing Rehabilitation, Group 2011-1
adobe pdf icon - BC-03-09-11-20 Public Safety complex Visualization and Collaboration System
adobe pdf icon - BC-02-18-11-11  Storm Water Management Facility No. 6 Modifications
adobe pdf icon - BC-12-09-10-10  Miccosukee Greenway Trail Improvements
adobe pdf icon - BC-11-30-10-08  Cooling towers & Closed Looped Systems; Continuing Services
adobe pdf icon - BC-11-23-10-06  Custodial Services/Group 2, Libraries & Group 4, Other Buildings, Continuing Service
adobe pdf icon - BC-10-27-10-05  RFP/Grant Admin., & Mgmt. Services - Florida (CDBG Prog., Disaster Recovery Initiative/Project #10DBK402470K2
adobe pdf icon - BC-10-28-10-03  Roberts Stevens Clinic HVAC Improvements
adobe pdf icon - BC-08-26-10-48  Roofing Repair & Replacement, Continuing Supply
adobe pdf icon - BC-08-10-10-44  Security Guard Services, Continuing Services
adobe pdf icon - BC-08-05-10-46  Hawkbill Court Drainage Improvements
adobe pdf icon - BC-07-29-10-23  Woodville Community Center Library Addition
adobe pdf icon - BC-07-22-10-41  Housing Rehabilitation, Group 2010-2
adobe pdf icon - BC-07-27-10-42 & 43  Fire Alarm & Suppression Systems; Test/Certify/Recharge & Replace, Continuing Supply
adobe pdf icon - BC-06-10-10-34  Linene Woods Infrastructure Improvements
adobe pdf icon - BC-06-08-10-33  Construction of Leon County Public Library Eastside Branch
adobe pdf icon - BC-06-08-10-35  Pedrick Road Sewer Installation
adobe pdf icon - BC-05-13-10-30  Natural Bridge Road, Bridge Repair & Courthouse Annex
adobe pdf icon - BC-05-06-10-26  Custodial Services for Leon County Courthouse & Courthouse Annex
adobe pdf icon - BC-05-06-10-26  Custodial Services/LC Courthouse & Courthouse Annex
adobe pdf icon - BC-04-22-10-21  Alexandrite Court Drainage Improvements
adobe pdf icon - BC-04-14-10-17  RFP for Diversion Through Vocational Training Program
adobe pdf icon - BC-03-18-10-24  Restoration/Planting Native Species Vegetation @ Rhoden Cove
adobe pdf icon - BC-03-16-10-21  Buck Lake Road Phases II and III


adobe pdf icon - BC-03-04-10-22  Mowing & Other Maintenance Services; Conveyance Systems
adobe pdf icon - BC-03-11-10-19  Northeast Branch Library Addition
adobe pdf icon - BC-02-24-10-18  B. L. Perry Branch Library Expansion
adobe pdf icon - BC-01-28-10-11  Community Services Building, HVAC Improvements - Phase 1
adobe pdf icon - BC-01-21-10-14  Edenfield/Barfield Intersection Storm Water Improvements
adobe pdf icon - BC-12-17-09-10  Resurface Gum Road Transfer Station Tipping Floor
adobe pdf icon - BC-12-17-09-11  Storm Water Management Facilities, Maintenance Services
adobe pdf icon - BC-12-09-09-05  RFP for Design Build of Restroom Facility at Tower Road Park
adobe pdf icon - BC-10-08-09-02  Bathroom Renovations for Sunset Landing Park
adobe pdf icon - BC-10-06-09-03  Water Quality Analysis Services
adobe pdf icon - BC-09-01-09-60  Dempsey Mayo Road Sidewalk Project
adobe pdf icon - BC-09-01-09-61  Velda Dairy Road Sidewalk Project
adobe pdf icon - BC-09-01-09-62  Perkins Road Sidewalk Project
adobe pdf icon - BC-08-13-09-40  Advertising, Promotional & Public Relations for Tourist Development Council
adobe pdf icon - BC-08-06-09-55  Lake Henrietta Bicycle & Pedestrian Trail
adobe pdf icon - BC-07-29-09-49  RFP for Construction Management Services for SE Branch Library
adobe pdf icon - BC-07-09-09-46  Meridian/Ox Bottom & Meridian/Bannerman Intersections, Re-Bid
adobe pdf icon - BC-06-10-09-38  RFP for Design Build Services for the Leon County Courts Annex
adobe pdf icon - BC-06-04-09-32  Meridian/Ox Bottom & Meridian/Bannerman Intersections
adobe pdf icon - BC-05-25-09-35  Housing Rehabilitation, Group 2009-1
adobe pdf icon - BC-06-05-09-36  RFP/Construction Management Services for Public Safety Complex - Project #096061.01
adobe pdf icon - BC-05-20-09-33  RFP for Design Build of Household Hazardous Waste Facility
adobe pdf icon - BC-09-11-09-68  Housing Rehabilitation, Group 2008-5
adobe pdf icon - BC-10-07-08-01  ADA Modifications to Parks & Recreations Facilities, Leon County
adobe pdf icon - BC-11-19-08-03  RFP/Architectural, Engineering & Interior Design Services for Renovation of 2nd Floor Areas of the Leon County Courthouse
adobe pdf icon - BC-11-20-08-06  Construction of Concrete Stairs/Wall, LC Public Works
adobe pdf icon - BC-12-18-08-11  Black Creek Bridge Restoration Project
adobe pdf icon - BC-01-07-09-12  L.C. Operations Center Truck Sheds Construction Proj.
adobe pdf icon - BC-02-03-09-13  Storm Water Management Facilities, Landscape Services
adobe pdf icon - BC-02-05-09-17  Robert Stevens Clinic Re-Roofing
adobe pdf icon - BC-02-17-09-15  RFP/Architectural & Engineering Svcs./L.C. Public Safety Center
adobe pdf icon - BC-02-24-09-18  L.C. Courthouse Annex Building Elevator Upgrades
adobe pdf icon - BC-02-25-09-20  Leon County Sheriff's Heliport Addition
adobe pdf icon - BC-03-12-09-23  Landscape Maintenance of Conveyance Systems
adobe pdf icon - BC-03-24-09-25  Apalachee Regional Park Comfort Station
adobe pdf icon - BC-04-14-09-27  Elevator Maintenance Services, Leon County
adobe pdf icon - BC-04-30-09-29 Timberlane/Timberlane School Road Intersection Improvements


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