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Small Business Enterprise Program

The Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program is a race and gender neutral program, that fosters growth in Leon County’s economy by affording small businesses a opportunity to gain experience, knowledge, and training to compete and secure contracts.

Through the SBE Program, Request for Proposals (RFP) and Bids will be reserved only for certified SBE's, when at least three SBE's are certified in the commodity or service requested in the RFP and/or Bid. Small businesses participating in this program will be given the opportunity to develop and enhance their business; therefore increasing their ability to compete effectively in procurement arenas.

Small Business Enterprise Certification Criteria

To qualify, a vendor must successfully complete the certification process. Please print a SBE Application, or call the MWSBE Division for a certification application.


The following are SBE eligibility criteria:

Majority owner(s) must reside and the business must currently be located in Leon, Gadsden, Jefferson, or Wakulla Counties (Local Market Area) Florida.

Majority owner(s) must be a United States citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident of the United States.

Business must be legally structured either as a corporation, organized under the laws of Florida, or a partnership, sole proprietorship, limited liability, or any other business or professional entity as required by Florida Law, and must be a for-profit business concern.

Business must be an independent firm and not an affiliate, front, facade, broker, or pass through.

Business must currently be licensed as required by local, state, and federal laws and engaging in commercial transactions typical of the field, with customers in the Local Market Area other than state or government agencies, for each specialty area in which certification is sought. Furthermore, if a supplier, business must be making sales regularly from goods maintained in stock.

Business must have expertise normally required by the industry in the field for which certification is sought.

Business must have a net worth of no more than $2 million.

Business must employ 50 or fewer full- or part-time employees, including leased employees.

Annual gross receipts on average, over the immediately preceding three (3) year period, shall not exceed: 

  • For businesses performing Construction - $2,000,000/year

  • For businesses providing Other Services or Materials & Supplies - $2,000,000/year

  • For businesses providing Professional Services - $1,000,000/year

    The business must have been established for a period of one (1) calendar year prior to submitting an application, must serve a commercially useful function, and have a documented record of satisfactory performance during the past twelve (12) months on a minimum of  three (3) projects in the business area for which certification is being sought.

    Comments or Questions Contact:
    Minority, Women, & Small Business Enterprise Division
    1800-3 Blair Stone Road
    Tallahassee, FL 32308
    (850) 606-1650
    (850) 606-1651 Fax