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Sustainable Initiatives

The most commonly accepted definition of "sustainability" is the UN's version:  "Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

The Leon County Department of Development Support and Environmental Management (DSEM) supports principles and practices that are key to the long-term sustainability of our community.  DSEM is committed to utilizing the County’s leadership position to build relationships and provide resources that will further positive, environmental changes.  Every government agency, business, civic group, neighborhood, and resident shares responsibility for the purpose of contributing towards our community’s long-term sustainability.

As you will notice from the diverse assortment of links provided on this page, sustainability is not restricted to a single method or discipline.  Our intent is to create awareness and provide examples of development, design, and construction approaches that will help reduce environmental impacts and costs.  

Ordinances adopted by the Leon County Board of County Commissioners relating to sustainable initiatives:

Leon County Sustainable Development and Design Incentives Available to Reduce the Overall Level of Site and Development Plan Review  - Revised January, 2009
Leon County Sustainable Development and Design Incentives Available to Reduce the Overall Level of Site and Development Plan Review

Leon County Conservation Subdivisions Ordinance – Revised December, 2006
Leon County Conservation Subdivisions Ordinance

Leon County Ordinance Establishing Community Gardens as Allowable Uses

Fertilizer Use—Article XIV

Home gardeners and landscaping professionals commonly apply fertilizers to promote plant growth.  Improper use of these fertilizers can contribute to pollution in our aquifers lakes, springs, and streams.  These types of pollutants can also impact wildlife, fish, and plants that depend on aquatic environments.  In October of 2009 LCGEM passed a Fertilizer Use ordinance Article XIV to address this problem. 

This link to the website provides a great tutorial on fertilizing appropriately. 
Florida Friendly Landscaping, Florida Plants, Florida Gardening, Lawn Care

 Please click here for an overview of solar permitting guidelines.

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