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To view the Development Support and Environmental Management Department Fee Schedule, please click here.


Please note:  The fees listed are for information purposes only, and may not necessarily constitute all review and permitting fees associated with a particular project.  Therefore, before estimating review and permit fees, please contact a DSEM Service Advisor at 606-1300 for assistance in determining what types of review will be required for your specific project in order to more accurately determine total applicable fees.

Fees for Simplifile electronic document recording with the Clerk of the Courts Office:
  Simplifile transaction fee                                        $2.00
  DSEM transaction fee                                             $7.50
  Clerk of the Courts Easement Fee                         $0.70
  Clerk of the Courts recording fee (one page)      $10.00
  Clerk of the Courts additional page fee                 $8.50/page
  Clerk of the Courts fee for names > 4 per document   $1/name