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Usually required as a part of Short Form B and Standard Form Permits, the NFI provides identification of all environmentally sensitive features on a specific site. The NFI's fall into three different types;


(1) NFI No-Impact is assessed where projects;
are limited in size, the original/parent parcels of twenty or fewer acres. contain no environmentally sensitive features on-site.

(2) NFI without Floodplain

(3) NFI with Floodplain

A Natural Features Inventory (NFI) is the identification of environmentally significant features on a parcel of land that is proposed for development or subdivision. Environmentally significant features include wetlands, waterbodies, watercourses, floodplain, native forest, and habitat of endangered plants and animals. The NFI supplies pertinent information to the property owner and county land use planners. This information is used to concentrate development activity away from sensitive areas.

In addition to identifying environmentally sensitive features, the NFI also identifies regulatory issues that are sufficiently significant to have an impact on the development potential of a parcel. These additional issues include canopy roads, stormwater discharge availability, and special development zones. The NFI does not address specific development requirements such a landscaping, tree protection, and stormwater management.

The standard NFI is a requirement of the Development Services process authorized under Chapter 10 of the Leon County Code of Laws. A standard NFI is also required to be completed as part of all standard form environmental permit applications. The standard NFI is performed and surveyed by a qualified professional retained by the property owner or their agent. The work is then submitted for review by a County biologist who confirms the presence and location of the environmentally significant features. Once approved a standard NFI is valid for three years.

A NFI is also required for minor subdivisions. The NFI for Limited Partitions (NFI-LP) or NFI for 2.1.9. subdivisions (NFI-2.1.9) is performed by a County biologist. The NFI-LP/ NFI-2.1.9 is based on a field verified map analysis rather than a comprehensive survey and may be less specific in findings than the standard NFI. Therefore, the results of the NFI-LP/NFI 2.1.9 are sufficient for the purpose of limited partitions and 2.1.9 subdivisions only. If future plans for a property include site and development plans, a standard NFI will be required at that time.

Once any NFI application is received County staff have fifteen working days to complete their review. At the end of the fifteen day review period the application will either receive approval, or the applicant will be contacted if additional information or survey work will be required.

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