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Scope. A general utility permit is required for activities routinely undertaken by federal, state, and local governments and public utilities on an ongoing basis. Any activity other than one of those enumerated and approved by general permit under a permit category below shall be undertaken only upon issuance of the environmental management permit or right-of-way placement permit, as applicable:


  1. Utility general permit:

    1. Vegetation management for overhead line clearance.

    2. Vegetation management for minor overhead line and service extensions not to exceed 3,000 feet.

    3. Minor underground service or line extensions not exceeding 500 feet for water and sewer extensions, 2,000 feet in the case of gas line minor extensions, and 3,000 feet for electric communications or cable television line extensions.

    4. Routine daily maintenance of existing facilities or non-routine emergency maintenance requiring immediate response to protect public health, safety, and welfare.

    5. Relocation of existing utilities required for development activity for which an approved environmental management permit has been obtained, but only when such relocation is performed concurrently with the permitted development activity.

  2. Government facilities maintenance general permit:

    1. Routine roadway, shoulder, ditch, and stormwater facility maintenance activities necessary to restore such facilities to original construction or current code requirements.

    2. Routine maintenance of existing parks and recreation facilities, including:

      1. Minor landscape installations of 3,000 square feet or less.

      2. Activities which may damage roots within the critical protection zone of any protected tree, but which will not significantly damage such tree.

      3. Irrigation system installations for irrigating landscapes of one acre or less.

      4. Other routine maintenance activities which may result in only minor erosion or sedimentation.

Applications for general utility activities. All activities shall be conducted in in accordance with a procedures manual which shall be developed by the applicant for such permit and be included with the application. The manual shall describe the procedures which will be followed by the permittee in execution of the activities authorized by the general permit. These procedures shall conform to specifications for environmentally sensitive features, stormwater management and tree requirements of Chapter 10, Article VII, Sections 10-4.202, 10-4.301 thru 10-4.329, and 10-4.362 where applicable and shall be sufficiently detailed to guide the conduct of the site work.

Other Permits. Every permit issued pursuant to Chapter 10 Article VII is issued with the condition that the applicant procure and comply with all other necessary federal, state, and local agency permits. Pursuant to Section 10-4.601, failure to comply with this permit condition shall be a violation of this article. All enforcement and penalty provisions of this article shall be available to enforce the requirements of such other permits.

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